Best RGB mouse bungee of 2021.

Rgb mouse bungee: To prevent unintentional unplugging during marathon gaming sessions, most RGB mouse bungee feature extra-long wires. It can be difficult to perform the best flick shot of your life if your setup is constrained by numerous wires and a little desk area. In any game, you’ll always have enough cable length to get the job done if you utilize a good mouse bungee for gaming.

RGB mouse bungee cord organizers:

Even though they are a speciality item, mouse bungee cord organizers are a time-and-effort saver and beautiful addition to any computer setup. Your mouse’s cord will almost always encounter obstructions like the edge of your computer, desk, or even your feet.

Best RGB mouse bungee:

You may quickly repair this issue by taping a significant amount of your mouse’s cable to the table. That, too, will most likely be a rip-off in the future. It means you can finally enjoy a better gaming experience without having to deal with all the wires getting in the way of your gameplay. Following are the best RGB mouse bungee of 2021.

The new Razer Mouse Bungee V2:

You may be sure that Razer offers a product for whatever type of gaming you can think of. They’ve been in business since 1998, so they know what gamers want when it comes to gaming. This mouse bungee is just a good mouse bungee, and it doesn’t have any gimmicks. Despite Razer’s tendency to add colour to everything, its mouse cord is available in an attractive black colour. The lack of RGB also reduces the price.

Cougar RGB Mouse Bungee:

For starters, Cougar was known for making PC cases, but it has since expanded its horizons to include gaming chairs and other peripherals. The RGB lights on this mouse bungee make it even more beautiful when paired with a full-RGB setup. The bottom of the Cougar is vacuum-sealed to maintain its durability. The Bunker RGB may also serve as a USB hub with two USB 2.0 connections. Ensure that your mouse’s cord does not get in the way of your gameplay.

Cougar Gaming Bunker mouse Bungee:

An RGB version of Cougar’s Gaming Bunker is available if you liked the RGB version but were put off by its price. Unlike its RGB cousin, the Cougar Gaming Bunker mouse bungee has the same functionality. It uses the same vacuum suction pad as its feet, ensuring the same level of durability. “Bundle of Thermaltake Galeru Mouse

Galerie mouse bungee:

Others appreciate the simplicity of their peripherals, while others want the glitz and glamour of bling. Thermaltake’s designs may appear basic from the exterior, but they often have features that its competitors don’t have, making them stand out from the crowd. The Galerie mouse bungee has a magnetic cable holder attached to it. There may be some difficulty holding the magnet in place if weightlifting is your second favourite pastime.

The BenQ Zowie CAMADE Mouse Bungee for Esports:

Because of its simple features, BenQ Zowie Camade has been dubbed an esports monitor. Esports gamers like minimalistic designs and focus on whether a peripheral fulfils its purpose rather than focusing on its aesthetics. The Camade may appear pricey since it lacks several of the features often seen in its price bracket. If you’ve got a small desk and don’t want to spend too much money on a mousepad, this one is an excellent option.

The Roccat Apuri Raw Mouse Bungee:

One of the most typical issues when building a mouse bungee is ensuring that it is stable. Apuri Raw looks like a turtle because Roccat uses a different formula from the rest. On the other hand, Turtles are some of the hardest creatures in the natural world. A rubberized base is included with the Apuri Raw from Roccat. When paired, the Apuri is one of the most stable and durable mouse bungees on the market.

The Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee:

They may use for so much more than simply holding cords in place. While they haven’t yet taken on the role of full-time wireless chargers, they can still be utilized as hubs and RGB lighting fixtures. It looks like Roccat’s Apuri mouse bungee from Enhance Pro Gaming. Four USB ports, RGB lights, and a spring-loaded arm made it even more effective. Before resuming your ascent, you can pick from six different colour profiles.

Glorious Bungee of Mickey Mouse:

With its designs, Glorious prefers to keep things basic. The RGB appearance isn’t for everyone, and keeping things simple may be better for the manufacturer and players alike. Glorious’ mouse bungee is a well-designed and useful accessory despite its basic appearance. The product’s weight is sufficient to keep it from being mistakenly knocked down by players.


Bungee cords can use with any mouse cable, including braided, rubberized, and par corded varieties. The adjustable spring arm of Glorious’ mouse bungee sets it apart from the competition.

Casethrone’s Bungee Mouse:

If you’ve added a lot of RGB to your gaming setup, a component that doesn’t light up at night might throw the whole thing out of wack. However, despite the same design as other mouse bungees, the Casethrone model has one of the best RGB designs available. A wide range of colour options and various effects make it easy to integrate with other RGB equipment.

Klim’s Mouse Bungee:

As a result of design constraints or perhaps laziness, most mouse bungees look the same. Klim is one of the few entries on our list that adds a unique flavour to the design world. With RGB lighting and changing colours, Klim’s mouse bungee is stylish and functional. The arm is composed of rubber and has a fair amount of mobility.


For gamers who prefer not to use their PC’s 5Gbps connections, this bungee has three USB 3.0 ports that come in handy on the go. Klim’s mouse bungee stands out because of its unique colour scheme, but it may not match the rest of your peripherals.


The Bunker accomplishes a simple task wonderfully, which is the objective of mouse bungees. Aside from being well-made and capable, it also offers a great deal. Its innovative vacuum suction pad is also superior to anything else available. It’s tough to remove the bungee from the desk without the aid of the onboard mechanism of the RGB mouse bungee.

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