There is a problem with Samsung TVs’ HDMI ARC capabilities.

HDMI is a standard audio/video connection. It is the standard for all audio and video equipment. You can use an HDMI cable to transfer sound from your Smart TV to a sound device for a better listening experience. It’s possible to send sound back to the transmitter using ARC (Audio Return Channel) with HDMI high-speed approved cables.

What is HDMI ARC?

A feature called Audio Return Channel is available on most Samsung TVs. Using HDMI ARC, you may reduce the number of cords between your Samsung arc and an external soundbar or home theatre.

An issue with ARC-enabled audio:

Using an HDMI ARC-enabled speaker does not necessitate the use of a separate optical/audio cable. HDMI 1.4 or higher is required to connect your TV to an ARC-capable speaker. The TV or One Connect Box must have a designated HDMI-ARC connector, and the external speakers must be compatible. Your external speakers’ settings may need to be tweaked as well to use HDMI ARC controls.


Customers of Samsung arc have the option of having their TV audio played back either directly through the television or an external AV receiver attached to the TV. A Samsung TV with its CEC feature turned on can choose a receiver by its name if it has HDMI control enabled, so long as both components are plugged into a Samsung arc-enabled HDMI port on the TV.

It would help if you connected an HDMI cable from the TV’s ARC-compatible input to the HDMI-Monitor-Output of the A/V receiver to broadcast the TV’s audio to the receiver through HDMI. In the A/V receiver’s set-up menu, you must turn “ON” the option HDMI Settings – HDMI Control (more detailed information can find in the user manual on the pages on HDMI Control).

Use high-speed cables:

We recommend using high-speed cables to ensure smooth transmission of all video resolutions. Do not use ARC if your TV or A/V receiver does not offer this feature; instead, use a coaxial digital connection between the receiver and your screen. A coaxial cable must be assigned as the TV input in the menu if you are using it.


Turn on AnyNet + (HDMI-CEC) and follow the on-screen instructions if your Samsung TV HDMI ARC doesn’t work. If this doesn’t fix the problem, unplug all other external devices from your TV and check the cord for visible damage. For Samsung TV owners, an HDMI ARC cord is a novel piece of equipment that reduces the number of wires and provides more excellent sound through the cord’s transmission capability.

There is a problem with Samsung TVs’ HDMI ARC capabilities:

Allows users of your Samsung TV to reduce the number of cords they are using for sound purposes on their TV and create audio that is capable of travelling between speakers without delay, which improves the overall quality of sound. The HDMI ARC cord is an excellent option for those who possess a Samsung TV and want to reduce the number of wires they have to deal with.

Samsung HDMI ARC does not play sound:

Even though HDMI ARC cords reduce the number of wires needed to run a television, improved sound quality is another benefit. An HDMI ARC cord provides a more transparent, more accurate sound, making it a better option when you want to avoid any lagging.

The issue with the HDMI ARC port on the Samsung TV:

Even while you may not have any issues with the physical HDMI ARC cord itself, it may not be working when you plug it into your Samsung TV. It is a more serious issue because it involves your television’s hardware, but there is a way to fix it without too much hassle. Here’s how to fix your Samsung arc if you’re using an HDMI ARC cord and it doesn’t work:


If the HDMI ARC port on your Samsung TV isn’t working, check to see if the cord is the problem by replacing it with a new one. If the port still doesn’t work, you can try disconnecting your TV for three minutes and then turning it back on to reset it.

How to Fix the HDMI ARC Issue on a Samsung TV?

An HDMI ARC cord that has worked for some time may suddenly cease working, leaving you with no sound coming from your Samsung TV if you’ve been using it for an extended period. If your Samsung TV’s HDMI ARC stops working, there are a few different things you may do. Continue reading to learn more.


The physical integrity of the HDMI ARC cable on your Samsung TV may have been damaged. Replace the cord if you notice any indentations, cuts, or apparent bends in the wire, and see whether it works again.

HDMI ARC isn’t showing up on Samsung TVs:

As long as your Samsung TV can identify the HDMI ARC cable and connect, the cord can use to its full potential. Some Samsung TV users have reported that once the cord is placed, their TV does not recognize the cord, and they are not able to use their TV correctly, even though this procedure has been performed. If this is a problem you’re having, please read on for a solution.


The Anynet + (HDMI-CEC) function must be enabled on your Samsung arc if the HDMI ARC is not shown, detected, or recognized. Depending on the type of your TV, you will need to follow the exact instructions for each model to activate this feature.

On Samsung TV, how do you set up HDMI ARC?

If you’re just getting started with an HDMI ARC cord and your Samsung TV, you may be seeking a little help getting this device connected to your television. Even though this is a straightforward process, if one wrong move is made, you could be left with a TV that does not have sound, as well as an HDMI ARC connection that is worthless.


Make sure your Samsung arc has an HDMI ARC port by plugging in the HDMI ARC cable. Your HDMI cable should be connected to your system’s TV-ARC (HDMI Out) port and turned on to complete the connection process.

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