Best Samsung external DVD drives of 2021.

Samsung external dvd drives: A rise in Samsung external DVD drives occurs since new computers no longer come with built-in drives. We’ve compiled a list of the top external DVD drives for a wide range of users and categories, including Blu-ray and CD.

Best Samsung external DVD drives:

The purpose of this tutorial is to assist you in finding a suitable external optical drive. There is a vast range of options available, which can read and write several disc types. Whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, you’ll find models here that are compatible with your preferred operating system. Following are Samsung external DVD drives.

An ultra-thin DVD drive from LG Electronics:

LG’s GP65NB60 is available in four colours and is a 14mm-thin ultra-slim model. The device is USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compliant, allowing it to transfer data to 480Mbits per second. Speeds of 8 for DVDR and 24 xs for CD writing seeds are the top limits of the technology. This model is fast and efficient, with a DVD writing speed of 11.08 Mbytes and CD transfer speeds of 3.6 MB/s.


There are two colour options for the ASUS ZenDrive black or silver. USB 2.0 is also included in the base model, which is nice. However, there is a model with a Type C interface. This 13mm-thick variant is ideal for laptops and other compact devices. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to back up your files and papers.


Pioneer is a well-known name in the audio industry, and the company also makes high-quality computer peripherals. This variant is black or silver and has USB 3.0 and BDXL capability.


Aside from burning Blu-ray discs, this external DVD burner performs at a blazing 6X speed, outstanding for an external device. With PowerDVD, you’ll be able to play and write media files. The XD05B is an excellent choice for media backup in terms of speed and compatibility.

ASUS LITE Portable USB 2.0 External Drive:

The 8 X DVD burners from ASUS are a compact, portable device compatible with both Windows 10 and Mac OS X. All of your files are protected by the device’s dual encryption and encryption technology. A simple drag-and-drop interface enables fast and easy burning. USB ports are equipped with cables.


If you plan on using the player to watch movies, you’ll need to connect to both USB ports. This DVD writer is one of the most affordable on the market. E-Green Engine, the greatest optical storage option available today, is supported by E-Green Engine.

USB super drive from apple:

Because Apple built it, the USB SuperDrive is the greatest external DVD drive for Macs. Beautifully designed for Macs, this device can play and burn CDs and DVDs of any format. Even though the price of the SuperDrive is higher than that of its competitors, it is one of the quietest on the market.


In addition, all of your favourite Mac models are supported, including the Mac Mini, MacBook, and MacBook Air. If you don’t have an external power source, your laptop’s battery will be your only source of energy.

BDR-XU03 is a compact external Blu-ray:

Pioneer has included a stand (higher version) with this new external Blu-Ray burner. Faster writing speeds are provided by USB 3.0, and the magnesium body is streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. There’s no need for an external power source to write at speeds up to 6X. As a result of the company’s efforts, the software is extremely silent during operation.


Triple and quad layer storage possibilities of up to 128 gigabytes are supported via Blu-ray discs. All of your Blu-Ray media can view with this external drive, but you will need to use the bundled software to watch all of your Blu-Ray content.

“SE-218CB” from Samsung is an ultra-portable DVD writer:

The Samsung includes USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interface compatibility and 1.0 MB of buffer memory for improved reading and writing performance. Both DVD and CD media can be burned, with access times of 150 MS for both. Except for some CDs, all DVDs are written at 8X.


The USB cord serves as the writer’s power source, and the search time is under 190 milliseconds. It comes with a USB cable, and most Macs will run it. The automatic recognition feature means that Windows PCs can also use.

HP DVD600S DVD burner:

This writer is only 250 grams thick and 13.2 mm thick using the latest technological advances. Recordings can be made using both double- and single-layer methods. The USB will power the writer. Thus there is no need for an AC adapter. Eight times faster than a CD, a DVD may be read and written simultaneously. This one is the best Samsung external DVD drive.


Among the Blu-ray combos offered by Archgon is one with a Panasonic combination drive integrated with, which can read and write to CDs and DVDs alike. In addition to DVDs and CDs, Blu-ray discs may read. Even though it’s pricier, this model is more robust, thanks to its quality metal case, and it uses USB 3.0 to transfer data more quickly.


Included is the Cyberlink Media Suite. Windows 7 and later and Mac OS 10.8.5 or later are compatible with the device. Though it can read Blu-ray discs, the drive cannot write to them.


The DW316 from Dell is a small drive with built-in disc burning capabilities. You can use it at home or on the road thanks to its 200g weight and 14mm height. CyberLink Media Suite is pre-installed on the device, an optical drive. Writing CDs at 24X and DVD+RW discs at 8X is possible because of the DW316’s exceptional performance.


Samsung external DVD drives in Windows 8 and 10 are not included because the required codecs are prohibitively expensive to license, which would be passed onto all Windows customers. It is possible to play DVDs using the DVD Player software with macOS, but the operating system does not support Blu-ray playback. Samsung external dvd drives.

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