What’s the maximum frequency and bit depth this can handle?

Schitt fulla 2: Although the Schitt full 2’s name and the companies may be humorous to you, the Fulla 2 product should not be taken lightly. At just $99, the Schitt Fulla 2 is a powerful, inexpensive, and easy-to-use digital audio converter (DAC).

Customers will customize their in-game audio with a wide range of options. As part of our review, we will evaluate if it’s worth it to spend some money on a new DAC by pairing it with the Sennheiser GSX 300. The GSX 300 costs $79, whereas the Fulla 2 does not, and neither has the software. These kinds of variations will be tested to see whether they have any bearing on how much money you get for your dollar.


Infinite Desktop Personalization Fulla 2 is an all-in-one DAC/Amp in a very small package. Attach your headphones or powered monitors to Schitt fulla 2and plug them into any available USB connection. However, this is just the beginning. Use it as an amplifier. The front connector makes it simple to attach your phone or another analog source. The low-powered USB ports of cellphones, tablet computers, and PCs can be used with this device. To provide additional power, we’ve included a second USB port. Whenever you connect Fulla 2 to a USB power supply, the device informs you that it doesn’t require electricity.


Brand Schiit

Color Silver

The Use of Wired Interconnect Technology

A USB Headphone Jack

Inches in length, width, and height.

Weight 11.2 ounces



  • Schitt fulla 2 is an all-in-one device.
  • Use the fixed 2V line-outs on the back to hook up an alternative preamp or processor.
  • You’ll find everything you need to play songs right here. DAC/Amp in a single package.
  • It may be used with low-powered USB ports on telephones for quick volume adjustment.
  • When using Schitt fulla 2, you can use any headphones because of their low noise floor and low impedance.

The Rivalries:

JDS Labs is an independent amplifier manufacturer, much like Schiit. For the same price as the Fulla 2, they’ve released the Atom, a two-in-one amplifier, and preamp. Even though it lacks a DAC, it’s still a superb piece of kit. Open-source designs are included in this product’s design, making it engaging and exciting to listen to. The Atom is our favorite, but the Fulla 2 has a few additional features, so it’s possible to acquire both for a reasonable price.


The Schitt Fulla 2 is a plug-and-play device that requires no additional software. This may be a drawback for audiophiles, but imagine the ordinary gamer who wants to improve their audio experience but doesn’t want to go into the nitty-gritty of computer software. It’s meant for gamers who want to plug in their DAC and start playing right away without learning to use it first.

Use of second USB port:

Connect your analog device to the front socket, or utilize the various outputs on the back to connect powered monitors or speaker amps. To provide additional power, we’ve included a second USB port. The USB connection on the Schitt full 2 can be used to check your Mobile production for maximum energy efficiency. With 550mW into 16 ohms, Fulla 2 delivers massive power while maintaining an extremely low noise floor and low output impedance.


Fulla 2 was put through its paces on music, gaming, and microphone testing for almost a dozen hours during my evaluation. I used FLAC files ranging from metal to hip-hop in terms of music. I used the Sennheiser GSP 300 with the Fulla 2, one of my go-to headsets for microphone testing for this particular test.

Audio for gaming:

Immediately, I observed that the Fulla 2’s volume settings were significantly louder than those of the Fulla 2. GSP 300’s hooked into my PC motherboard have a volume level of around 20 when connected to the Fulla 2; however, when connected to my Fulla 2, I have to cut the volume level of the headset to around 10. I was surprised to see no distortion or crackling at higher frequencies when using the Fulla 2 at volume levels above 20.

Compare Fulla 2 with Fulla 3:

Their output powers are both increased, but Hel’s power brick provides a massive boost to its output power. Around back input jacks, both of them have an extra inch or two of clearance. Also, the output port that wouldn’t mute when you plug in headphones has been removed from both models. Both newer variants have separate microphone connectors for PC gamers.


  • The Volume can Control.
  • It’s also plug-and-play, simple, and uncomplicated.
  • It could be a selling point for many prospective consumers.


Compared to the $198 price tag of Magni 2/Modi 2, Jason Stoddard claims that ” Schitt fulla 2lowers the entry point for outstanding desktop sound from $198 to $99.” It’s possible to connect the preamp or integrated amp output of the stationary DAC into a bigger system. Connect your desktop-powered displays to variable preamp output.


Can the HD 650 power by this at 300 ohms?

Not a great combination. At 300 Ohms, Fulla emits 40 mW of power. The Magni is an excellent choice for headphones with a 300 Ohm rating. 430 mW at 300 Ohm is what Magni delivers.

What is the source of power for this USB?

A total of two USB ports are provided by the Schitt fulla 2. An input for data and power can connect to your computer, phone, USB streamer, or similar device. Alternatively, you can use a conventional USB 2.0 power supply.

What’s the maximum frequency and bit depth this can handle?

24-bit audio recorded at 96 kHz.

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