Cyberpunk second conflict who to choose?

Second conflict cyberpunk 2077, V’s longtime buddy Johnny Silverhand is the focus of a side gig questline called Second Conflict. As a result, Johnny routinely asks V for assistance in resolving his conflicts and reuniting with former acquaintances. As soon as Johnny has started making headway in his goals, the Second Conflict begins to play out entirely differently. Here’s how to complete the mission regardless of the picks made in The Pickup way back. After completing holding on cyberpunk, players are given Second Conflict, which requires them to see Nancy at Johnny’s request. Following is the second conflict cyberpunk wiki.

The Importance of the Pickup:

The Maelstrom gang gives players a flathead mech as a reward for completing the Pickup task. The gang’s leader, Royce, demands that V pay for the flathead again, and things may go in several different directions, making things difficult. In Second Conflict, whether or not players choose to shoot Royce or pay him depends on what they want to get from the task and how much of a challenge they desire. It’s also important to know if Brick made it out of The Pickup alive.

Conceivable outcomes:

After killing Royce and Dum-Dum Dum in The Pickup, players will be confronted by Patricia and must fight their way through the Maelstrom to save Nancy. After reaching Nancy, it is necessary to sneak through Totentanz to avoid the Maelstrom opponents becoming hostile if players have resolved their conflict with Royce and Dum Dum. When Royce and Dum Dum are dead, Brick will be in command.

Managing the Storm:

Players should be prepared for conflict if it is unavoidable. Maelstrom opponents may be blasted through with relative ease thanks to the game’s powerful, quick hacks, as they are in most areas. If secrecy is essential, quickly enter the men’s restroom after retrieving Nancy’s info. Once you’ve escaped via one window, please wait for the security guards next door to turn their attention away before slipping out the other. Sneak down the far left side of the corridor and then take the exit on the right to get out.

Choosing between Denny and Henry:

Choosing between Denny and Henry at the quest’s end doesn’t have to be a big deal. A concert will be held in the next job; however, this has no bearing on the storyline. Not one of the decisions that will influence whether or not gamers can get the whole Johnny Silverhand collection.

Cyberpunk second conflict who to choose?

If you’ve finished several side missions with Johnny, you’ll be able to access this quest. However, this quest appears to have a few issues, so I’ll go over those in more detail later on in this guide. An important side quest chain involving Johnny Silver’s hand may include spoilers, so proceed with caution. If you’d like to learn more about the second conflict cyberpunk

 Dum Dum and Royce, Brick:

You’ll automatically be given this mission when you call Nancy from Kerry’s villa after the Holdin’ On the quest. Totentanz, an abandoned hotel in Watson’s north, is where you’ll find it. Pershing Street is the nearest direct route out of town. Take the elevator to the third floor after you arrive. Your performance will influence the people you meet in the second conflict cyberpunk in the game’s major quest, The Pickup.

Denny or henry cyberpunk Reddit:

All you have to do now is make it out of the house unscathed and find Nancy’s automobile. Then you’ll need to get to Denny’s mansion in North Oak by following her to N54 News. Denny and Henry can be found in the back of the area by following the tire tracks at the entrance.

Does Cyberpunk 2077 Already Have a Second Sequel?

The potential of both is great. In other words, we want to start working on AAA projects inside our IPs concurrently as early as next year. There have been some speculations that this means a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, but it’s more probable that we’ll see new versions released alongside the original.

Nomadic Cyberpunk Experience:

The wastelands are home to nomadic communities made up of roving nomads. They are fiercely loyal to their family and rarely leave it. Because they are self-reliant, Nomads have no allegiance to a higher authority. According to second conflict cyberpunk Reddit, most of the conversations you’ll have will be with people who don’t live in Night City if you go this route.

Cyberpunk second conflict bug:

The Second Conflict problem in Cyberpunk 2077 has been the subject of numerous investigations, but no solutions have been found. As far as I can tell, a user named Trip9 says he has tried everything from saving the game to restarting the game and hopping back to this objective after completing a few other quests, but the error persists. It is all you need to do to fix the Second Conflict bug in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn how to fix the cyberpunk second conflict bug.

1: Before calling Nancy in the previous task “Holdin’ On,” make a game save and load it.

2: Getting to “All Foods” Quickly

3: See if Dum Dum is present in the “Second Conflict” quest when you call Nancy.

Alike supreme cyberpunk:

In Cyberpunk 2077, a Job at Supreme is merely a side gig (CP77). Using this walkthrough, you’ll be able to complete the same Supreme Side Quest in its entirety. Following “Second Conflict,” you must wait 24 hours before Nancy calls you back to continue. While you’re at it, you can go on a sabbatical or go forward in time. In Cyberpunk 2077, this completes the same Supreme side mission according to the second conflict cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk second heart:

Circulatory System Cyberware is the second heart in the game. In the game, cyberwars are implants that may be installed, exchanged, and upgraded by players to gain passive benefits and other active effects that can be used in many ways, such as alternative combat techniques. Each piece of cyberwar has a particular rarity level, ranging from “common” to “legendary.”


Several serious flaws and issues meant that patches and hotfixes had to be rushed out during an already gruelling development cycle for the game’s release. A sequel to second conflict cyberpunk has already been speculated upon; however, it is unlikely that comprehensive upgrades and patches will be added in the original title until at least 2022. After Act 2, you’ll find Skippy, whose stats may vary based on your level. To begin, drive to Vista del Rey, which may be found on the following maps.


Are there multiple endings in cyberpunk?

In Cyberpunk 2077, there are six different ways to complete the storey. No prior requirements are needed for the main ending path or the short bonus ending.

On the second battle mission, how do you get it?

In Cyberpunk 2077, Second Conflict is a side job that players can take on. After completing Holdin’ On, you’ll be able to pick up Second Conflict.

IS suppose Brick and Royce are still alive?

Maelstrom leader Royce recently overthrew Brick and is now being held hostage at All Foods.

In the cyberpunk universe, what happened to Henry and Denny?

Before 2077, Denny aided Henry in his struggle with heroin addiction. Despite her best efforts, she could secure him a high-paying job and a solid band.

What should I do in the second battle?

Whoever you pick here has no long-term impact on the concert lineup or the discussion options you’ll have in the next mission, both of which are irrelevant. To put it another way, trust your instincts.

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