Why has my SIM card not been activated?

Sim not provisioned for voice, Non-voice provisioning of a SIM isn’t a common problem with mobile phones. On a phone that uses a SIM card, this error is more likely to occur during SIM swaps or while you are inserting a new SIM card. Many Android phones, such as those from Oneplus, Samsung, Samsung, MI, and Huawei, display this error more frequently than other manufacturers’. First, I’d like to give you a better understanding of what this issue signifies. Cellphones validate both the SIM cards before initiating the phone’s services, such as voice and internet, as a dual-SIM phone. The phone displays “SIM 1 not provisioned” whenever a validation error occurs with the SIM card put in the first slot.

How to fix sim not provisioned for voice?

Your phone may display an error message that says “SIM not provisioned for voice,” which means you cannot make phone calls. An easy way to tell if this has happened to you is if you’ve lost connection to your carrier account. Devices connected to the Google Fi network frequently see the sim not provisioned for voice-fi issues. SIM card calls and internet services may be unable to be made or received due to this mistake.

What is a SIM card that isn’t set up for voice error?

It simply means that you won’t be able to make phone calls, even if other features on your phone continue to work. As a result, don’t be surprised if you can access the internet despite the mistake. It could happen for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the more often used ones:

1: Switching out your mobile device’s SIM card

2: Insertions of new SIms

3: SIM card suppliers’ servers are down.

4: Issues with the network, such as insufficient coverage or inclement weather

5: Transferring contacts to a new SIM card is possible.

The Google Fi network (Network + Wi-Fi) is experiencing an increasing number of this problem.

Sim not provisioned for voice android:

Restarting Your Phone:

It would help if you figured it out by now. Many small phone difficulties can be solved with a simple restart. It’s a good idea to reset your phone from time to time. Maintaining memory, preventing crashes, and increasing battery life are all aided by this procedure. It also makes your phone work more smoothly. So, sure, this is the first number you should dial if your SIM isn’t provisioned for voice.

Use the phone’s SIM card:

In some cases, SIM cards cannot be inserted into a phone and used immediately. Before you can use them, you’ll normally need to activate them. Insert the SIM card, and waiting the recommended 24 hours should be sufficient in most circumstances. Call an automated phone, go into the service provider’s website, or send an SMS if it does not happen automatically. The service providers’ policies will determine the mode of activation you select.

Sim not provisioned for voice boost mobile:

Astonishingly, this is hardly a shock. If this is your situation, all you need to do is:

Shut down your phone

Remove your SIM card

Carefully inspect it to ensure that it hasn’t been damaged.

Finally, re-insert your SIM card into the phone’s SIM slot, making sure it fits snugly. Switch on the phone, and hopefully, the SIM not provisioned for voice error will be gone after this procedure has been performed. In some phones, removing the SIM card requires removing the batteries, while in others, the SIM card compartment can be opened with a pin.

Adding Credit to Your Phone:

Sometimes, it takes a small nudge to get your SIM card to work. It’s possible that adding just $1 to your credit will suffice. It’s a good idea to restart your phone or reseat your SIM card after completing the top-up.

Switching to a Different Service Provider using Your SIM Card:

Now is the time to find a new wireless provider. You wouldn’t even have to leave your office or home to accomplish this. To find the best offer, you have to go online. Double-check to see if the fault has been repaired after porting. You might want to think about switching to T-Mobile. If you’re thinking about changing your mobile phone number, this guide will come in helpful.

Contact Your Mobile Service Provider

It’s time to consider the possibility that the issue can’t be fixed on its own after you’ve tried the treatments listed above. The first person you should contact in this situation is your SIM provider, and you should be sure to explain the problem. While you’re waiting for an answer, your service provider will investigate the matter. You may have to wait until the server is back up and running before you can get back to your game. You’ll get an explanation at the end of the call and a time range for its resolution with this fix.

Find a Helpful Neighbor:

The vast majority of mobile service providers have active online communities. Contacting customer care can be time-consuming, so look for answers in the online community instead if you can avoid it. There are no employees of your mobile service provider in these communities. You’ll certainly come across someone who has the solution to your current issue. Do a Google search, and you’ll likely find a community for your phone’s service provider.

Replacing the SIM card is a simple process.

As a general rule, our SIM card is linked to a phone number that only we know. However, knowing that this could be a workaround in the worst-case scenario is comforting. Obtaining a SIM card is usually a simple process. You’ll have to go to a local phone store to get your phone fixed most of the time. It isn’t a pricey remedy, either. Alternatively, you can get a replacement SIM card from your SIM provider’s franchise or branch.

Sim not provisioned for voice Vodafone:

Users who purchased a new contract with Vodafone reported receiving a “SIM not provided” error when they tried to activate their SIM cards on their mobile devices. An unregistered and inactive Vodafone SIM is the cause of this error message. You won’t run into this problem as long as you purchase an unactivated SIM card with your new Vodafone contract. You’ll have to wait till the porting process is complete before your new Vodafone SIM card can be registered and activated.


Smartphones are prone to the “Sim not provisioned for the voice” issue. This error occurs when the smartphone’s SIM card is removed or replaced. In this article, we’ll look into what causes the “sim not provided” mistake and how to avoid it in the future. You’ve probably already fixed the problem if you’ve made it this far. If a sim is not provisioned for the voice, you should perform a rapid restart, considering the need to wait five to ten minutes following a shutdown before turning the device back on.


Do I have a Smart SIM that has been disabled?

You can use the service provider’s website to see if a SIM card has been deactivated. A deactivated SIM card can be reported online and all of the card’s information.

If the problem persists, what can I do?

It is recommended to contact the service provider if the error notice persists after performing these procedures.

SIM not provided can be fixed in what way?

If you’re having trouble connecting your phone to the network, try rebooting it and attempting to connect again.

When it comes to SIM 5, why is it marked as “not provisioned”?

SIM 5 has not been set up yet.

Why has my SIM card not been activated?

If your SIM card is not provisioned, the carrier has not activated your phone. You can attempt to start your phone by contacting your page.

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