How to fix street fighter 5 wont start?

Street fighter 5 wont start: Despite their best efforts, many PC gamers seem unable to play Street Fighter V. It doesn’t matter if the game executable is double-clicked on or if it’s run through Steam. Yes, there are no errors to be found. If you have an issue with street fighter 5 that won’t start with your computer, it is most typically observed to result on Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.

How to fix street fighter 5 wont start?

Several user reports and repair methods used by some of the impacted users helped us narrow down the cause of this problem to fix street fighter 5 wont start. This problem is likely to arise in several ways, according to what we’ve learned:

The game is being blocked by AVAST antivirus:

Like Windows Defender, Avast is known to identify this game as a virus falsely. Setting up an exception rule or removing the 3rd party security software is the only way to resolve this issue. A conflict between Intel Driver Support or Intel System Usage and the game’s executable has occurred. A known issue with Street Fighter V is two Intel processes.

Removing Street Fighter files from Microsoft’s anti-virus software:

If you’re experiencing this problem and aren’t using a 3rd party security software, it’s quite probable that Windows Defender recognizes the main game’s executable. After reconfiguring Windows Defender to exclude the game folder from the scan, some impacted customers have reported that the street fighter 5 wont start issue has been resolved.

Step 1: To start a Run dialogue box, press the Windows key + R. Afterwards, type “ms-settings: windows defender” into the Settings app and hit Enter.

Step 2: The built-in security solution can be opened by clicking on Open Windows Security on the Windows Security tab.

Step 3: Manage settings may be found under Virus and threat protection in the Windows Security menu (under Virtus & Threat protection settings).

Step 4: Click on the Add or delete exclusions link in the Exclusions menu.

Step 5: Next, select Folder from the drop-down option that appears when you click on Add an exclusion.

Step 6: Select the Street Fighter V folder and click Exclude this folder in the new menu that appears.

Step 7: To play Street Fighter again, restart your computer.

Setting up a security rule or uninstalling AVAST:

Avast antivirus has also been highlighted as a common culprit by many impacted users. Uninstalling the 3rd-party security suite or adding the full Street Fighter V installation folder to an exclusion list can cure this issue. Adding a folder to an exception list is as simple as following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings > General in Avast.

Step 2: Select File paths from the Exclusions tab and click Browse.

Step 3: Add Street Fighter V to the Exclusions list by navigating to its location and selecting it.

Step 4: Remove Avast from your computer completely if necessary to fix the problem, but be careful to do so in a way that does not leave any leftover data. You can use this guide (here) to ensure that Avast antivirus is entirely removed from your computer.

Step 5: Please continue to the next technique if you are still experiencing difficulties or if this method does not apply.

Intel Driver Support can stop:

Intel Driver Support and Intel System Usage were the two processes that prevented the game from functioning for some impacted customers. Make sure you do this:

Step 1: To open the Task Manager, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter on a Windows PC.

Step 2: Check the list of Background processes to determine if either the Intel Driver Support or the Intel System Usage processes are active.

Step 3: Select End Task if one (or both) of these processes are currently running.

Step 4: Check if the error has been fixed after the processes have been halted.

Make use of the administrator privileges on Steam and Street Fighter :

It may be the cause of the starting issue you’re having. These are the actions you need to take:

Step 1: Right-click the game’s executable file SteamsteamappscommonStreetFighterVStreetFighterV.exe).

Step 2: Properties can be accessed by clicking on them.

Step 3: Go to the Compatibility tab in the Properties dialogue after opening.

Step 4: The “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox must be checked, then the OK button must click.

As an administrator, you can run Steam:

Step 1: Right-click the Steam executable file in the Steam installation folder (C: Program FilesSteam).

Step 2: Properties can be accessed by clicking on them. Go to the Compatibility tab in the Properties dialogue after it has opened.

Step 3: The “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox must be checked, then the OK button must click.

Step 4: It’s now possible to open Steam and run the game to see if the error has been fixed.

Ensure that the game’s data files are correct:

The game won’t start if the installation files are corrupt. The verification feature on Steam can find and replace any game files that are broken or missing. You can learn how to fix street fighter 5 wont start that by following the following steps:

1: Take your computer out of the case and restart it.

2: As soon as your PC has started, open the Steam client and play some games.

3: The Library button is located at the top of the screen.

4: Once you’ve found the game, right-click it to open it.

5: If you go to the game’s library page, pick Manage, then Properties.

6: Select “Verify the validity of download section” on the Local Files tab.

7: As a result, we can begin the verification procedure at this point.

8: Try launching the game again after the process is complete.


Street Fighter is one of those video-fighting games that has appeared on various platforms. The most recent iteration, Street Fighter V, was published for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam in 2016. Despite the game’s stability, some streetfighter 5 wont start issues may arise from time to time. This time, we’re taking on the problem of Street fighter 5 wont start not launching properly.

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