What’s Inside the Sunday Citizen?

Sunday citizen, One side of the Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter is just as soft as the other, making it a two-sided comforter. With the bamboo side closest to your body, you’ll notice that it’s softer and more lightweight. The upper side of the microfiber is silky and cosy. This is the softest comforter we’ve ever tested, so look no further if you’re in the market for something cuddly. The thick microfiber covers the top side of the Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter, giving it a plush appearance. The Snug Comforter is composed of microfiber, wrinkle-free, so you don’t have to worry about making your bed in the morning.

Owner of Sunday citizen:

Softness and relaxation are the hallmarks of Sunday Citizen. Sunday Citizen is a company that creates and curates items for people who enjoy the weekend.¬† Sunday Citizen was born out of a hotel owner’s desire to have the most luxurious bedding in his rooms. He formed a joint venture with a textile technologist to create the ultra-plush blankets. Currently, Sunday Citizen is home to three distinct collections, all of which cater to the home’s needs, from weighted blankets and pillows to linens and towels.

What’s Inside the Sunday Citizen?

On its own, the Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter at Sunday citizen store is a two-sided filled comforter that may be placed directly on top of the skin. As a rule of thumb, the microfiber side should be facing up, and the quilted bamboo side should be closest to your skin. Bamboo’s moisture-wicking properties allow it to be placed closer to your body, allowing for a cooler night’s sleep. Following are features of Sunday citizens:

Sleep Quality of the Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter:

With its unmatched level of snugness and cuddly, the Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter puts an end to wrestling with shifting duvet covers and comforter inserts. Start sleeping better than ever with this ocean-friendly comforter and feel good about your purchase. Those who suffer from allergies or rashes may find this bamboo comforter a godsend.


The silky sensation of the natural bamboo on your skin will keep you comfortable all night long. You’re in for a treat if you like soft! Both sides of the Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter are luxuriously soft while you sleep. A layer of thick and warm softness covers you from head to toe. Softness is the name of the game in the Snug Comforter!


The Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter has a bottom layer of 100% viscose from bamboo that helps your body regulate its temperature. In other words, your body is programmed to find the optimal temperature for sleep on its own. Avoid overheating by not sweating on hot evenings; your body’s moisture is naturally expelled, keeping you comfortable all night. Your body keeps you warm and toasty on chilly nights.


You may rest easy knowing that your Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter is made from materials that are kind to the environment. The comforter’s filling comprises polyester derived from 50 plastic bottles. In other words, we’ve saved 50 plastic bottles from ending up in the water.


There is nothing better than being able to throw the Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter in the washing machine. Check if your device has enough capacity and horsepower to handle the Snug Comforter, but you’re good to go if it does. Spin only a few times on low, then wash on low or no spin. Final step: low tumble drying.


The Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter is available in 12 different colours and three sizes. Full / Queen, King / Cal King, and Twin are all available. All of the colour schemes are earthy and contemporary. You may easily match them to Sunday Citizen’s bamboo linens for a serene effect in your room.

Size of a bed:

This Snug Comforter is available in three different sizes. For a twin- or twin XL-sized bed, the Twin comforter is a good bedding item. The Twin / Queen Comforter is appropriate for twin and queen-sized beds, while the King / Cal King Snug Comforter is appropriate for king and California king-sized mattresses. The Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter is stunning to look at and sleep in. 12 earth-toned hues are available.

Comfortable Sizes:

Sunday Citizen’s Snug Comforter is available in various sizes to accommodate all sleepers. Choose the one that best fits your mattress size from the three available options. Thanks to the Twin Snug Comforter, it’s perfect for Twin and Twin XL beds. Covering all full and Queen-sized beds will be a breeze. Purchase the King/Cal. King if you have a larger bed, such as a King or California King.

Unique fabric compositions:

Sunday Citizen has designed unique fabric compositions to achieve the softness and durability you desire. Their items are made with the end-user in mind to be washed easily and still look great. Sunday Citizen products have a modern yet welcoming look that enhances any area they call home.

Wrinkle-free microfiber:

Our favourite feature is the wrinkle-free microfiber, which ensures a freshly made bed each morning. The Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter keeps you cool in the summer and toasty in the winter; plus, it is always super-soft.

Moisture-wicking bamboo viscose fabric:

The bamboo side of the Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter is the first thing we’ll look at. Naturally moisture-wicking bamboo viscose fabric enables your body’s temperature to be controlled through thermoregulation. In other words, on hot evenings, you want to sleep cool, and on cool nights, you want to sleep warm. The hypoallergenic properties of bamboo make it an excellent choice for bedding. It’s wonderfully comfortable and gentle on your skin while you sleep.

How to wash Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter?

Care for the Sunday Snug Comforter couldn’t be simpler. Remember that you can sleep with it directly on top of your body, which means that it may get soiled a little more quickly. To wash the Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter, you will need at least three cubic feet of space in your top-loading washer and four cubic feet of space in your front-loading washer.

1: First, wash your Citizen Snug Comforter on a low or no spin setting

2: Then run a few “spin only” cycles on low to remove the most water from the bedding.

3: When you’re ready to dry the garments, use a low-temperature tumble dryer.

Sunday citizen location:

Comforters, loungewear, blankets, and other soft products for the home and body are available from Sunday, a loungewear and bedding brand based in New York City. Its headquarters are in Miami, Florida.

Sunday citizen reviews:

Comfort and suppleness:

The comfort and suppleness of the comforter have exceeded my expectations. It’s much cooler than you may expect. Moreover, they provide excellent customer service; my first order had a problem, and they replaced it with no questions asked.

Denim shams for the bedroom:

It is my first purchase from Citizen, and I chose the denim blue pillow shams to give a pop of colour to my living room decor. These pillow shams are quite soft, and the colour is beautiful. After that, I’ll be getting a comforter.

Sunday citizen sale:

Citizen competes in the extremely competitive online bedding sets and collections sector by selling higher-ticket items or more expensive products or services. You may buy bedding sets and collections from Citizen at Sunday citizen. Co. Citizen competes with Boll & Branch, QuickZip, and Cozy Earth when it comes to bedding sets and collections.

Discount codes:

Citizen gives discount codes regularly, albeit less frequently than its competitors. The Sunday Citizen discount codes and promotional offers are in high demand at Sunday citizen sales, with tens of thousands of customers searching the web each month for Sunday Citizen codes and bargains.

Sunday citizen returns:

We will gladly accept returns within 90 days if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Refunds will be made using the mode of payment used for the original transaction. Products must be returned within 90 days of delivery receipt. ¬†Please visit our Returns Portal if you’d want to return an item. Please utilize the free shipping label we’ll provide you to return the unwanted items.

Return policy:

Use the box it came in or get a new one; make sure any old shipping labels are covered. A refund will be sent to the credit card you used to purchase after we receive proof that you’ve returned the merchandise.


The Citizen Snug Comforter has endeared itself for both its beauty and comfort. The Snug Comforter enhances the beauty of your bedroom and provides you with the best night’s sleep money can buy. Buying from a firm that cares about the environment is a bonus. As a result of your purchase of the Citizen Snug Comforter, 50 PET bottles will be saved from entering the oceans.


What is the source of this item?

For this review, Citizen provided us with this Snug Comforter. All of the opinions expressed in this article are my own, and this review was not paid for.

Exactly what does Sunday Citizen Entail?

With Citizen, you’re getting the best of both worlds: soft and laid-back. Designed and curated for Sunday devotees and their lifestyles, it offers various products and services.

Sunday Citizen is located in which city?

In addition to selling bedding products online, Citizen has a storefront in New York City’s NoHo neighbourhood.

Is it worth it to subscribe to the Sunday Citizen?

Subscribing to the Citizen is worth it. They feature some of the most stunning and opulent bedding available today. They are easy to manage for both humans and dogs.

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