What will you need to complete this mission?

The extortionist tarkov is Skier’s second assignment in Escape from Tarkov. You must be at least level 7 to be eligible for this assignment. You’ll be tasked with tracking down a mysterious shipment that Skier has set his sights on using the Customs map. One of the most lucrative quests in Escape from Tarkov is The Extortionist for the extortionist tarkov key; you can begin it after reaching Level 7. The NPC named Skier, who can be found on the Customs map, is the one who gives this mission. The Extortionist quest can be completed with the help of this tutorial. An important piece of cargo has been dispatched for you to retrieve and return to Skier.

The extortionist tarkov location:

After getting the keys, head east into the main storage facility. When you get to the train bridge, it’s good to take the route that follows the complex’s south wall and then go inside the storage area. A red arrow on the map above highlights the key’s location, and a red square marks the cabin’s location. Following are the extortionist tarkov location:

Three thousand two hundred points

Skier Representative

At least $500

AKM/VPO-209 366 TKM Carbine of Vepr

The Extortionist Quest: How to Do It?

A messenger was sent to deliver the case of the paper, but he has since been found deceased. Following these steps can help you locate his body:

1: You can get over the bridge to the east side of the Customs map by using it.

2: RUAF Roadblock is on the left as you head south.

3: The messenger’s body can be found just north of the barricade, so be on the lookout.

4: To find the RUAF Roadblock, look for the red pin on the map. The blue marker identifies the person who sent the message.

5: You’ll need to search the body for a key once you find it. Take the key and go to the next step, as instructed.

What will you need to complete this mission?

Unknown key tarkov:

The unknown key tarkov is a Customs map object. Fortunately, the key’s purpose has already been discovered by players. The Customs Chart’s Unknown Key can also be used to unlock a modest cabin. Open the safe using the Unknown Key you have in your possession and take the papers inside. In the search, these might then be given to the Skier. To complete the search for The Extortionist on the Customs map, spawn this.


Keep in mind that while these items can be found frequently throughout the game, selling them to traders may result in you losing the ability to see them again. To speed up solving missions, it’s a good idea to keep hold of these items whenever possible. Keeping the things on this list in a safe place will ensure that you have most of the items you need for the most difficult item collection quests.

Were there any surprises along the way?

There are numerous materials needed to complete objectives in Escape From Tarkov.

The Psychiatrist:

Also, the therapist may ask for certain quest items, many of which are modeled after medical supplies and equipment. Open boxes, maps, and more medical supplies for purchase from her and complete your missions.


You will be rewarded with better wearables in return for your hard work.


After requesting a few more items that would otherwise be thrown away or sold, the mechanic asks for another garbage assortment. Do not lose track of these items, as they are hard to come by. Peacekeeper also asks for a comprehensive list of weapons, some of which are unusual and some are not.


Armor and clothing are among the many things Ragman may need from you. By completing Ragman’s missions, you can earn better clothing.


The fence will also require a few goods, albeit fewer than those needed for the other characters. To complete the search for The Extortionist on the Customs map, spawn this. The difficulty of this quest and whether it requires two attempts depending on your spawn position can both be affected by your spawn location.

Checking tarkov:

Soldier, take a look at this. My friend was a tanker truck driver for the factory. He took his family with him before the conflict but returned to get his belongings and was killed. The larger dorm was where he stayed. I’ve only been to the room once, and I was so drunk that I couldn’t remember anything about it. There was a woman’s poster on the wall, but hazy memories obscured the remainder of the room. That’s all there was: a bronze pocket watch attached to a chain he owned.

Operation Aquarius:

In the operation Aquarius part 1, the key to room 206 can be discovered in Scav pockets and Backpacks or gotten from Therapist LL1 for a nominal fee. On Customs’ second floor, you’ll find a double dorm room with your key. There are two possibilities: Either he has it somewhere in his room or his car.

Escape from Tarkov:

The bronze pocket watch from Escape from Tarkov can be discovered on the driver’s seat of the fuel truck. When looking at the customs map, you’ll see the tanker right close to the building site. The watch will be secured to the truck’s seat by a chain. You’ll need the Machinery key to open this door. The machinery key may be found on the same customs map located on the third floor of the dorm building. On the wall of room 205, you will find a brown leather jacket. Above all has been mentioned about The extortionist tarkov.

Location of the Machinery Lock:

Room 205 on the second floor of the three-story dorm structure in Customs houses the Machinery Key. You can enter the bottom from the south side by a fire escape; room 205 is the third door on the right when you enter. There’s a key hidden in a brown jacket on the wall. Rush in and put it in your safe place right away.


The extortionist tarkov is a game where finding a body with a key is the first step. The body is north of the RUAF barricade. Take the key from a Cabin northwest of the body. You don’t need the keys to finish the assignment. The Extortionist is Skier’s second quest in Escape from Tarkov. You must be at least level 7 to complete this challenge. The task is to discover the hidden products that Skier seeks on the Customs map.


Is Operation Aquarius right for you?

Continue working on Skier’s tasks before attempting to complete Operation Aquarius. In the extortionist tarkov,” Skier’s reputation will be lowered, making it more difficult to level him.

What past delivery key do you require?

To begin, you’ll need the director’s office key from Tarcone to get into the building. Within drawers and Scavs are places to look if you don’t have one of your own. Bartering with the Therapist is also an option.

Is it possible to scavenge an unknown key?

In Escape from Tarkov, how to locate the Unknown Key? It is not far from the enormous warehouse along the river. It may be discovered near a truck that reads “Welcome to Tarkov” in the nearby bushes.

What is the location of Tarkov’s unidentified key?

Hidden in the woods behind the Welcome to Tarkov truck, a body was discovered.

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