The selected disk is not a fixed mbr disk reviews 2022.

The selected disk is not a fixed mbr disk: When attempting to set a primary partition as active using Disk Part, some users have reported receiving an error message stating, “The selected disc is not an MBR disc that is pre-formatted. You must have an MBR disc that has been fixed to use this command.” It would be great if they could figure out a way to remedy this issue. If you find yourself in a similar position, the information in this article will be helpful to you. You’ll understand why this error message is displayed and how to fix it.

Not a Fixed MBR Disc:

Numerous factors could be at play here, including the fact Reason The selected disk is not a fixed mbr disk. The two most frequent explanations are outlined in the following paragraphs.

GPT is the partition’s file system:

BIOS/MBR systems only support the active command. When using UFEI mode to install a system on a GPT partition, the computer may fail to recognize the active command.

A boot manager issue:

If the computer is booting incorrectly, the error message may also appear. Boot manager fixes are all that is needed to cure this issue. If you don’t understand the difference between MBR and GPT, you can check out the MBR vs GPT article.

How to Fix “The selected disk is not a fixed mbr disk”:

Now that you are aware of the root causes of the error, you may take the necessary steps to resolve it. Thus, changing the partition from GPT to MBR may help. How to Fix “The selected disk is not a fixed mbr disk to perform the conversion; you have the option of using Disk Part Command Prompt or Machine Management on your computer. Even so, you’ll need to erase a volume before you can proceed with either of these options.

Disable/Repair the Boot Manager:

Your Windows installation drive is required for this procedure. You can fix the Boot Manager to locate an installation drive or DVD. First, use the installation disc to begin your computer’s boot-up process. On the Welcome screen, click “Repair your machine.”

This fixed-format MBR CD, Windows 11/10:

For controlling their disc space allotment, this fixed-format MBR CD, Windows 11/10 users can use Disk Management and the DISKPART software. However, a few users have reported an issue. A fixed MBR disc cannot be selected when using the DISKPART tool. Overall, this error says: Only a UEFI System Partition can you enable a disc partition. To be clear, you must have a BIOS/MBR-based machine to use this command. In the UEFI technique, the active partition does not exist.

It is not a fixed-format MBR disc:

The “ACTIVE command may only be used on corrected MBR discs” issue may be resolved with a handful of solutions. You may have to disable UEFI or convert a disc to a fixed MBR disc to use a UEFI-compliant computer. If you use the “INACTIVE” command on a BIOS/MBR system, the identical issue can occur as previously mentioned; this is not a fixed-format MBR disc.

  • UEFI should be disabled.
  • Fix the Boot Manager.
  • Make the disc MBR-formatted.

UEFI should be disabled:

When the computer is booted into Advanced Startup Options, select UEFI Firmware Settings and uncheck the Secure Boot option. After that, make certain that Legacy Support is turned on.

Fix the Boot Manager:

The Command Prompt can be used to rebuild BCD if you have access to Advanced Startup Options Alternatively, you can create a bootable USB drive for Windows 10 and use that to start your machine. On the Welcome Screen, click Next. Then on the bottom left of the window, select Repair your machine. Next, select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Command Prompt from the drop-down menu.

Make the disc MBR-compliant by converting:

A GPT to MBR file system conversion is possible. But before you do this, make sure you’ve backed up your data to an external device. The next step is to make a Windows 10 bootable media. On the first Windows 10 setup window, click on Repair your computer after you’ve booted from it. Click on Next after you’ve selected the operating system partition from the list of choices.

The selected disk is not a fixed mbr disk (Guide 2022):

When using the Disk part programmer to make a partition active, you may see the error message “Selected disc is not a fixed MBR disc.” An error states that “The selected disk is not a fixed mbr disk.” Fixing a Disk That Isn’t a Fixed-MBR Disk: Three Options Getting Files Back When Windows Isn’t Starting Complaints from Others

Disc Management can be used to convert GPT to MBR.

The programmer Disc Management can be used to convert GPT to MBR. You can use this guide with the following versions of Windows: Vista, 7, and 8 or 9. A comment box at the bottom of this page is available if you have any questions about fixing the “chosen disc is not a fixed MBR disc” Windows 10 error. Please let us know if you have any better ideas.


In most cases, “The selected disk is not a fixed mbr disk” is caused by a conflict between the MBR and GPT partitions in your computer’s hard drive. You’ll be able to deal with this type of issue after understanding the differences between MBR and GPT. Eases Partition Master is your best option for partition management. You may safely clone, format, and combine partitions using this programmer because no data is lost during any of these operations.


How can I convert my C drive from an MBR to a GPT partition?

Using the Windows user interface to convert, you can delete partitions and volumes by right-clicking them and selecting Delete Partition or Delete Volume from the popup menu.

Windows 10 can run on an MBR partition, or can it be installed?

There is no need to create an MBR version of the Windows 10 Installer because it can handle UEFI and MBR. Not the installer, but the hardware, determines how it’s set up.

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