Tumblr instagram highlight covers review.

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Tumblr instagram highlight covers, Instagram’s “bubbles” represent the “highlights” of a user’s profile. All story posts added to that Highlight are shown to the user when they click on the Highlight. For the most part, stories are organized into categories with the help of highlights, but the specifics depend on the type of account you run. Make sure your classes aren’t too broad so that you don’t end up with an overwhelming number of posts. Your highlights should not be so narrow that you end up with many highlights with just a few posts in each one. Let us discuss more Tumblr Instagram highlight covers:

Design the covers for your Highlights:

Before browsing through your Stories Archive, you should plan out the cover images for your Highlights. You can then use your Highlight theme to organize your collections. In the case of travel-related content, you may want to manage your Highlights by location or vacation type. Before creating the Highlights, you should have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish.

Complement the aesthetic of your account:

When designing your Highlight covers, keep in mind the look and feel of your social media profile. Using a bright and vibrant Highlight cover for a minimalistic or airy-looking website will look awkward. Consider including a nod to your white-bordered Instagram photos in your highlight covers. One of the best ways to establish your brand with new followers is to keep your profile’s overall theme consistent.

Make sure the cover reflects what’s inside:

Even though it should go without saying, it bears repeating: Make sure the Highlight’s cover matches the content inside. Make sure the Highlight name is clear, concise, and to the point if you are going with a simple colour scheme cover. In contrast, the content must be accurately reflected if you’re using an icon or a body with a design.

Make your covers look the same:

Make sure that your Highlight covers are consistent with your profile’s design. Keep them all in the same colour scheme or use the same background for all of them. Doing so will make your profile appear cluttered and disorganized, which could work if that’s what your brand is all about. On the other hand, make sure your Highlights are in sync for a more refined profile.

How to make Instagram highlight covers?

This section will show you how to add your new Instagram Highlights cover photo. Instagram has simplified the process of including a cover photo in a Highlight in recent years. Following the above steps, you’ll be able to use your Highlight:

1: The Instagram app must be opened.

2: Click on your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the page.

3: To update a Highlight, select it from the list.

4: In the lower right-hand corner of the page, you’ll see a more buttons.

5: Click on the Edit Highlights button to make any necessary changes.

6: Afterwards, click the Edit Cover button.

7: The image button is located on the left side of the page.

8: Once you’ve found your new cover design, click on it to save it.

9: Press the Finish button on your keyboard to complete the task.

Instagram highlight icons:

Instagram Story Highlights can be used in various ways, so let’s take a look at some examples. Here are the most popular Instagram Instagram highlight icons sets, starting with our favourite.

Bumper Pack of Instagram Highlight Icons:

Anyone who wants to become a social media manager or an aspiring influencer will love this collection of Instagram Highlight covers. Over 385 minimalist icons are included in this set, divided into 35 different categories. This pack contains all the icons you’ll ever need to keep your Instagram profile looking fresh and professional, no matter how many accounts you manage.

Instagram Story Icons for Florals:

These Floral Instagram Story Highlights will give your profile a more natural and ladylike appearance. Colourful floral icons in various sizes are included in the pack and 18 matching Story backgrounds.

Instagram Highlight Icons Painted by Hand:

Envato Elements has a wide selection of hand-painted Highlight covers that are clean, professional, and stylish. More than 70 icons are included in the set, which is available in JPEG, AI, and EPS file types. Additionally, the icons can be customized to fit the needs of both professional and trendy social media influencers.

Instagram Highlight Icons for Online Stores:

These Story Highlight icons are perfect for small Instagram businesses and online stores. Among the many heroes included in this set of eye-catching covers are those representing shipping and reviews and sales and discounts. Anyone from a fashion boutique to a cosmetics retailer could use these for their online store.

Set of Instagram Highlights in Watercolor:

Influencers in fashion and beauty will love these gorgeous, hand-drawn watercolour icons. Heart, planet, and landscape icons all feature a watercolour finish in this set of icons. Icons for Instagram Highlights are included in the package, making your profile look more professional and attractive.

Instagram’s Feminine Highlight Icons:

Freepik’s Feminine Instagram Highlight Covers are ideal for female influencers and personal accounts. Download them today! Beautiful icons in muted orange and pink tones will give your profile a more feminine appearance. The icons include images of women in bikinis, plants, shoes, and more.

Colourful Handdrawn Highlight Icons in Pink and Yellow:

These Purple and Yellow icons from Freepik are ideal for adding some vibrancy to your Instagram Highlights. Bold purples and yellows abound on these covers, as do whimsical hand-drawn images such as moons, clouds, leaves, and heart shapes. There are 12 unique Story Highlight icons included in this set.

Instagram Stories Highlight Icons:

This collection of hand-drawn Highlight covers from Envato Elements is stylish and unique. Images of moons, butterflies, witches, and gemstones abound in the Boho aesthetic. Wellness businesses and alternative influencers alike will find the minimalist line art designs ideal for their creative projects.

Instagram Icons for Social Influencers:

This set of Envato Elements’ Instagram Highlight icons is ideal for socialites and influencers alike. Covers for travel, Q and A, fashion, and more are included in the pack. As a result of the icons being available in various file formats, including AI and EPS, you’ll be able to modify them and change their colour quickly.

Instagram highlight covers to download:

Instagram has introduced Highlights in the wake of stories. We don’t do anything fancy; we tell our stories and leave them there forever. Tumblr Instagram highlight covers are now also available for download. Before they even approach you, you want them to notice your beauty or talent. Your profile should be visually appealing, and you can do this by using Instagram Highlights. Utilize this opportunity to gain attention by showcasing your most vital attributes. To catch your prey, use Tumblr Instagram highlight covers as a lure.

Ideal size for Instagram Highlight covers photos:

Your Instagram Highlight cover can be generated using the tools mentioned above, but you can make your own using other methods if you prefer. You can use 1080 x 1920 pixels for this purpose. You can create as many Highlights as you want, and each Highlight can contain up to 100 videos or images. As soon as you’ve reached 100 stories, Instagram will notify you and ask if you want to replace the oldest Story in that highlight with the new one you’d like to add.


On the other hand, highlights are used by content creators and social media influencers to highlight specific themes or topics they frequently discuss with their followers. They could, for example, organize their skincare advice or photoshoot inspiration in a single, easily accessible location on their profile. Tumblr Instagram highlight covers and Tumblr Instagram highlight covers are terrific ways to show off what makes you or your brand unique. You can learn more about getting black Instagram highlight covers for free and Instagram highlight cover black.


What is the purpose of the Instagram Highlight Cover?

Tumblr instagram highlight covers are the cover images that give your profile visitors a preview of what they can expect to find in each Highlight. Before you click on Instagram Highlights, you see this image in the bubble.

Free Instagram highlight covers are hard to come by, so where can I get them?

Create a free Canva account to get started. It’s easy to produce an Instagram Story Highlight Cover. Just create a new image with the dimensions 1080 x 1920 pixels or search for “Instagram Story Highlight Cover”.

What do you mean by “Instagram Highlights”?

You can use Tumblr instagram highlight covers as a ‘best-of collection that sits atop your profile. A group of previous Instagram Stories can be made and added to at any time.