What is the minimum required width of TV benches?

Tv benches: Installing a wall-mounted TV is a popular choice. But there are certain downsides to this solution. You may have some difficulty when trying to connect anything in from behind the panel. And not everyone, especially if they’re renting, has the means to drill a hole in the wall and attach a large TV mount to it. Fortunately, TV benches offer a stylish option. Streaming boxes, game consoles, and your TV are all kept safe in these essential pieces of living room furniture. However, it’s important to select the right TV benches for your arrangement.

Best TV benches:

Making the proper decisions about size, material, storage, and design can have a significant impact on how much you get out of your home theatre system’s best seats. You may use this advice to help you choose the finest TV stand for your home, whether you’re a devoted minimalist or a hoarder of set-top boxes. Following are the Best TV benches for 2022.

Bustier 63 Modern TV bench:

A gaming accessory would be incomplete without RGB lights. This 63-inch-wide TV stand is no exception. There are seven distinct colours and 22 various display patterns available for the LED strips inside the cabinet. It is a terrific option for streamers who want to create the right atmosphere without building their solution.


Up to 75-inch TVs are available.

Metal and particle board are the primary components.

Width: 63 in.

Length: 82 centimeters


  • The RGB lighting is pre-installed.
  • Glass shelves with a tempered finish.
  • They even include a remote control for the display.


  • Large TVs are accepted.
  • A lot of room for storage


  • Constructed using a pressboard

Wren Classic 4 Cubby TV Stand by Walker Edison:

It is the ideal TV stand to achieve a wall-mounted look without drilling holes in your drywall or plaster. It’s 58 inches wide, so if you want, you can place a TV on top of it. TVs can be placed on top of surfaces and away from walls with an integrated mount.


Maximum TV screen size: 60 inch

58-inch width

Length: 24 in.


  • Suitable for large flat-screen televisions.
  • Composite material has an appealing appearance.
  • A soundbar or additional set-top boxes can now be installed beneath the TV.


  • Incorporating a mounting system
  • Ample storage space


  • There are no doors on the front of the building.

The Lumina Fireplace by Ameriwood Home:

Fireplaces are another luxury that isn’t available in every home. This TV stand is an obvious choice for the best fireplace TV stand with a 23-inch fireplace display that looks like a genuine fire and an electric heater that can heat up to 400 square feet. In terms of convenience, this won’t necessitate big home renovations, regular cleanings, or the risk of melting that PS5 you’ve been waiting so long to buy.


Dimensions of the TV: up to 70-inch models

MDF and particleboard

Width: 64.75 inches.

As of this writing, it is 24.875 inches in height.


  • Three shelves are provided on either side of the storage space located beneath the platform.
  • Make sure you’re okay with the trade-off before leaping a fireplace display.
  • These can be purchased separately. A 70-inch TV can be supported by the stand-alone.
  • All of the compartments have at least three shelves


  • Large TVs can be accommodated.
  • A fireplace display built onto the wall (not real fire)
  • Lighting with LEDs


  • Due to a lack of storage area,

Two-door by Walker Edison in Englewood:

Looks like something Don Draper would have in his apartment. There are doors on each of the two side cabinets to keep your devices hidden from view. There is an uncovered middle shelf, so you may store your best-looking consoles or even a basket if you’d like. The chair can sustain up to 150 pounds despite its slender legs. Together with its length, it makes it an excellent choice for large TVs.


Up to an 80-inch television

It’s made of MDF

70-inch width

15-inch head circumference.


  • Doors to conceal storage space when it’s not needed
  • If you’re viewing a big show, having a 24-inch screen is a must.
  • Looking up to see the entire screen is a pain in the neck if your TV stand is too high.


  • Eye-catching design
  • In addition, the product is built to last.
  • Ample storage space


  • Short
  • Things can roll under the legs.

Redmond Simplihome TV bench:

Once upon a time, amusement parks ruled the world. Until you had a large, wooden piece of furniture that housed your television and all of its accessories, your living room wasn’t complete. Vintage-style TV stand for 72-inch TVs. Doors conceal the contents of the storage chambers. There are two drawers in the centre and four cabinets with movable shelves.


Up to an 80-inch screen is supported.

Wood: Pine with plywood

72-inch width.


  • In addition, there are two open shelves right beneath the surface.
  • Colour options include seven shades of pinewood stain
  • All of which can be applied to your project.
  • To keep things out of sight when they’re not in use


  • It has plenty of space.
  • Extremely robust
  • There are seven colour options to choose from.


  • Some people may find the design outdated.


When you want to watch something on TV, you should do so in comfort. The TV benches may seem inconsequential, yet it has a significant impact on the look and feel of your living room. It serves as a haven for your most prized possessions, conceals unsightly cables, and supports our beloved flat-screen television. To acquire the greatest TV benches for your house, you need to carefully explore all of your alternatives.


What is the minimum required width of TV benches?

The manufacturers’ practices are a real pain in the neck when it comes to TV support. Some employ a central pedestal, while others spread their feet far apart on the panel’s edges.

What’s the maximum height for a 50-inch TV bench to accommodate a 55-inch TV?

Quite maybe. In the first place, the 55-inch dimension relates to the screen’s diagonal size, which means the screen’s length and width will be smaller.

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