The best uphere fans of 2021 & How do you install them?

Uphere fans: Modern gaming PCs are almost always equipped with RGB fans. Your build will stand out from the crowd if you use them in uphere fans or just as a solid color. RGB first became popular in 2014-2015 and has since become extremely popular among PC builders. These LED case fans offer excellent LED light diffusion at a low cost.


Case fans from the upper RGB series are 120mm RGB gaming fans with high-end features at a low cost. The upper case fans are not only loaded with premium features, but they also cool custom gaming systems superbly. The first thing that catches my eye is the stunning use of lighting effects. Excellent diffusive properties give the uphere fans a premium appearance.

Quality of Construction:

The upper fans combine an efficient airflow with a low-noise design in addition to significant lighting effects. They had blades with a frosted texture and translucent molds, more on that later. The hydraulic bearings and rubber mounting points on the fans make them easy to install. Efficiencies are increased while noise is reduced.

No specific way to turn the case fans on or off:

Fan-control software can find here. The controller and hub that come with it are not sufficient. The controller that came with it was simple to use and pre-programmed with several different light effects. You have a wide range of options for customizing your fans, from solid colors to flashing lights to glows.

Technical specifications:

The following are the uphere fans technical specifications:

  • Speed of the fan: 1100RPM (+/-10%)
  • Level of sound in decibels: 17.6
  • Power consumption: 6.36 watts
  • 40,000 hours of expected use

The following dimensions are given in millimeters and centimeters:


UpHere RGB case fans deliver outstanding value for money. Under load, they operate at a respectable decibel level. Because of their brightness, the LEDs make for excellent task lighting. Despite their “cheap” feel, the fan blades don’t look it. However, as far as durability is concerned, I see no issues. They move a lot of air and keep my PC nice and cool.

UpHere RGB Fans: How do you install them?

Everything you need to get the fans up and running is included with the purchase of the fans. The controller and hub that come with the system are straightforward to install inside your chassis. There is a three fan upHere kit and a six fan upHere kit. The long cables provided made hiding the wiring cable management in my Thermaltake View 31 RGB simple.

Plug in a SATA connector:

The RGB case fans that come with upHere come with 12 installation screws as well. These fans, which are 120mm in diameter, can be used with radiators with a diameter of 360mm or 240mm. The only other step required after mounting the fans is connecting them to the included hub. To use the seat, plug in a SATA connector and turn it on.

Gaming PCs generate heat:

As they work, gaming PCs generate heat from their high-performance components. The case’s interior can get hot, leading to faster wear and tear, even if the CPU and GPU components have built-in cooling capabilities. Fans are commonly used to regulate airflow and expel hot air to combat the heat problem. A push/pull configuration is the most common for the fans. As a result, the front fans pull in cool outside air while the rear fans push out hot air from the case.

The best uphere fans of 2021:

The LL120 Series from Corsair:

The LL120 Series from Corsair is an excellent choice for gamers who want powerful cooling and bright RGB lighting. Due to its pulse width modulation (PWM) design, this fan spins more slowly when your system isn’t too hot but faster and noisier when your PC is too hot. Many laptops come with an LL120 Series fan as standard, and it’s well-known for its cooling capabilities.

Thermaltake Riing Quad 120mm:

Despite being the same size, the Thermaltake Riing Quad 120mm costs more than twice as much. Its extensive lighting and advanced software are a couple of the reasons for its high price. The rotation speed and airflow produced by the Riing Quad 120mm are lower than the LL120 Series. This fan’s speed ranges from 500 to 1,500 RPM, and it pushes out 40.9 cubic feet of air per minute.

SickleFlow 140 from Cooler Master:

Because of their larger surface area, 140-millimeter fans typically produce more airflow than their 120-millimeter counterparts. They’re also quieter because they don’t have to spin as fast to make the same airflow as 120-millimeter fans. However, because 140-millimeter fans are more significant, the case must accommodate fewer of them.

Taking Thermaltake’s Riing plus 20 into consideration:

Even though 200-millimeter fans are the most efficient, their enormous size means they aren’t ubiquitous. It costs a lot of money, but Thermaltake’s Riing plus 20 is a high-end fan with excellent cooling and RGB lighting. In terms of airflow, the Riing plus 20 dominates the field. With a speed range of 500 to 1,000 RPM, it generates a massive 117.96 CFM of airflow.

120mm Rainbow Case Fan:

One drawback of these fans is that there is no fan controller included. A Molex or 3-pin motherboard header will be required to power them. If you want to control your upHere RGB fans, you will have to buy one of the controllable models. The 40,000-hour life expectancy of the F03CF rainbow fans is impressive. The 11-bladed fan provides a powerful cooling system

The vortex created by a cougar’s hydraulics:

The Cougar Hydraulic Vortex is an affordable cooling solution with RGB lighting that might interest builders. Wireless remote control and Cougar’s Core Box fan controller with this RGB fan, making it a good value. Despite its low cost, the Hydraulic Vortex has performance that can compete with more expensive models such as the Riing Quad 120mm. CFM is approximately 43.54, and the RPM range is between 600 and 1,500 for this fan.


Modern cases frequently have built-in fans and space for additional ones. More giant fans, such as those that measure 140 millimeters, are also available. A 200-millimeter fan is even more efficient, but it’s cumbersome and may not work with all cases. Fans can serve an aesthetic purpose in addition to cooling, especially when combined with RGB lighting. The addition of RGB lighting can brighten and spruce up a build. Uphere fans, Uphere fans, Uphere fans.

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