What is the weirdcore music genre?

Weirdcore music genre, Maybe, but you may not have known it had a name; Otacore music has garnered a large following in recent years. Weirdcore has only a small selection of music to choose from. This article will explain what they are and how they differ. Everything about this online art and aesthetic trend evokes nostalgia, disorientation, and a sense of alienation in the listener or viewer. Weirdcore, on the other hand, has a strange quality to it. Here you can learn weirdcore music genre examples, weirdcore music genre Spotify and weirdcore music genre artists. Weirdcore music uses distorted or amateurish sounds to convey the same sensations. Let us discuss more weirdcore music genres:

What is the weirdcore music genre?

Weirdcore has become a popular genre among some of the world’s best-known performers. The Weirdcore playlist has its section on music streaming services like Spotify. Antje’s Beast Mode Run, Will Paquin’s Chandelier, Austin Weber’s Mumma Mia, and others may be found here. As a result, Weirdcore music has become an international phenomenon. Many people may find the Weirdcore genre’s music unpleasant, childish, or perplexing.

Continuation of the Weirdcore Imagery:

As with early internet images, low-quality amateur photos and graphics are common in weird core imagery. In addition, these can elicit feelings of fear or alienation in some people. On the other hand, we feel a sensation of dread as a result of discomfort. There is nothing “natural” about Weirdcore imagery. Dissociation can be conveyed in several different ways. The most important thing about Weirdcore images is to evoke the proper emotions, not to stick to a strict set.

Weirdcore music genre artists:

Aphex Twin:

To understand Weirdcore music, you must see it as an extension of Weirdcore imagery. No specific style or practice can be found in Weirdcore music. However, if you listen to a Weirdcore tune, you’ll be able to tell. Aphex Twin is a well-known figure in this style. His music is classified as IDM, which stands for Intelligent Dance Music. That is why it’s possible to describe Weirdcore music as having an electronic sound with components such as alienation, nostalgia, and bizarreness.

Weirdcore artists Spotify:

You’ll also be able to watch countless Weirdcore music videos on YouTube as part of Spotify’s service. Songs that were once semi-popular but have fallen out of favour have inspired several music videos. Weirdcore artists, on the other hand, tend to pick up obscure songs from niche artists and give them their unique spin.

Weirdcore bands:

Since weirdcore music is so popular, nearly every primary music streaming service has a dedicated area for it. A few musicians or ensembles, on the other hand, have taken the genre of music to a new level. Others include: Let’s look at some of the most popular songs from these bands.


Watford, England’s Sikth is a six-piece metal band. As a result, their sound incorporates a variety of musical styles and subgenres. Vivid, Bland Street Bloom and Scent of the Obscene are just a few of this label’s well-known tunes.

A Doll’s Tear:

Known for their use of instruments such as the Sitar and Sarod, this French progressive rock band also incorporates jazzcore, Japanese noise, and other world music influences into their work. Their music is written in German, French, English, and Hungarian. Les Villes, Spiders Night, My Cat, etc., are some of their most popular songs.

Heads of the Can:

As this band’s music is primarily influenced by hardcore music from the 1980s, Captain Beefheart, Ornate Coleman, and No Wave, you will be transported. This band’s sound is characterised by ferocious guitar work, saxophone noises, and fast rhythms laced with an ancient melody. The Formation of the Oxen with Fire and Last Tongues in Ass Pick are two of their best-known albums.


This punk band from Finland uses satirical lyrics to explore the oldest and most disturbing subjects. They’re also influenced by various genres, from pop to hardcore. Tuomittu Juntiksi, Peikko, and Pahaisopaha, to name a few, are among the band’s many well-known songs.

Moog Rock:

They are best recognised for their “Moog Rock” tracks, known for their high imagery and aggressive performances. Musical dialogues are used to enhance the effectiveness of their music. This band’s hits include Tennen Non-Neu, Black Flag, Gainsbourg, and A Century Old.

Queercore band:

Weirdcore fans also adore this Queercore band. They enjoy avant-garde jazz, noisy rock, and hardcore punk. In keeping with the spirit of Weirdcore music, this band refuses to fit into any one category. New Punk is a better label for what they do. This New York-based band has many hit singles under their belt. Other songs include Behave, QDA Angels in the Air, Kiss and Tell, etc.

OTCORE music genre:

Sitecore is a subgenre of anime-influenced rock music. Every Noise At Once and Spotify created the term Otacore to describe fan-created music having roots in the anime and manga communities. The term Otacore is derived from the Japanese word Otaku, which implies a fan of anime or manga, and Core, which is used as a name for hardcore music. The Sitecore subgenre of anime music was just added to Spotify’s catalogue. Spotify Wrapped summaries for a few anime enthusiasts have included the product. Sitecore is a phrase that many people are unfamiliar with. Therefore they have no choice but to learn what it means.

Disorientation in the Weirdcore genre:

Distorted or amateur sound, known as “Weirdcore,” evokes feelings of bewilderment, alienation, and nostalgia in the listener. Amateur, low-quality images and digital graphics were altered to portray feelings of uncertainty and disorientation in the Weirdcore genre that began in the 1990s. People are increasingly making music that is warped and childlike in the subculture. In terms of that, it isn’t enjoyable.

Popular weirdcore songs:

The following are some of the most well-known weirdcore songs:

ChangeRoar is too much for me.

It is the timeVierre Cloud.

SugarCrash! ElyOtto

Mr Kitty in the Dark

Never Get Used To People in Your Life

ChandelierWill Paquin.

Suffer from Melanoma.


Online art and aesthetic movement is known as “weirdcore” is no longer confined to the internet. Its music and images have profoundly influenced our lives. As a result of this aesthetic revolution, we’ve learned to examine and distinctively express ourselves. To top it all off, we consider ourselves Weirdos.


What kind of music is Dreamcoat?

Music that falls somewhere between Dreampop and Noisecore is referred to as “Dreamcoat.” The wiki can be accessed here.

What exactly is Otacore music?

Sitecore is a kind of electronic music built around a strong sense of camaraderie among its listeners. Any video game, anime, series, film, or commercial music will do.