Is there a way to fix gwxux.exe errors?

What is gwxux? Windows 10 upgrades aren’t always as easy as they appear to be. GWXUX.exe has been reported to cause an Application Error when trying to update to Windows 10 for some users. What is gwxux? GWXUX.exe is an application error, and before we go into the best ways to remedy it, we need to know what it is first.

What is gwxux? And how does it work?

GWXUX.exe is a command-line utility that runs on Windows. Microsoft has a Taskbar icon that asks you to upgrade to Windows 10 using an older version of Windows. The GWXUX.exe utility performs a scan of your system, notifying you when the update is ready to be downloaded.

Is there a way to fix gwxux.exe errors?

Our best guess is that corrupted system files are to blame. Reinstalling Windows or performing a repair installation is the best option. If you don’t want to bother with reinstalling your program and backing up your files, this isn’t the ideal option for you. But don’t panic; you don’t have to reinstall Windows to fix corrupted system files. However, many customers have encountered an Application Error after clicking the icon and upgrading to Windows 10.

Resolve issues related to the inability to use GWXUX:

Now, learn what gwxux is? Encountering GWXUX has ceased working issues should be extremely unlikely. Windows 10 is now installed on most home computers, and it will continue to be the default operating system for all future models.

1: A computer that hasn’t been used in a while is the only place you’re likely to notice the mistake. It’s easy to repair if you notice.

2: Two real choices are at hand.

3: Use a registry key to remove or deactivate KB3035583 from activating.

4: However, deactivating Task Scheduler does not work because GWXUX.exe utilizes it to trigger.

Reinstall the software GWXUX has stopped working:

Here, you will discover how to fix the file gwxux.exe so that the error doesn’t occur. Please note: We’ll notify you to disable GWXUX straight away if you don’t need to update to Windows 10. Follow these procedures to solve gwxux.exe:

Step 1: To open the “Run” command, press [Windows] and [R] at the same time.

Step 2: Enter “cmd” and press “OK” to proceed. The Command then begins to call.

Step 3: As a result, Windows will scan for issues. The gwxux.exe rule will correct this.

Step 4: It’s time to close the window once again.

Instructions: Disable GWXUX completely:

Only a few Registry variables need to be changed to deactivate Windows. A free GWX Stopper assault is also available.

Step 1: Select “text document” from the “New” drop-down menu that appears after right-clicking on a space on your Desktop.

Step 2: Open the file and paste the next paragraph’s commands (see image). Once you’ve saved and closed the file, you’ll be able to proceed.

Step 3: Rename the “GWX.reg” file. ” If the file extension isn’t visible or doesn’t change, you can still utilize the files that were described in this document.

Step 4: To open the file, double-click on it and answer “Yes” to the prompt.

Step 5: After that, you’ll get word that the experiment was a success.

Scan your computer using the SFC utility:

Your system will be scanned for corrupted files and repaired by SFC (System File Checker). To run an SFC scan, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Search in the top right side of the screen on Windows 8 or 8.1.

Step 2: You can type Command Prompt into the search bar and select Terminal Window from results.

Step 3: Using the right-click menu, select Run as administrator.

Step 4: Allowing the application to run means asking for your administrator password.

Step 5: It’s nearly identical on Windows 7 as well.

Step 6: Select Run as administrator from the context menu after opening the Start menu and searching for Command Prompt.

Step 7: The Command Prompt may require you to input your administrator password or allow it to operate.

Step 8: Windows 8 and Windows 7 have the same next step.

Step 9: You’ll be prompted to type SFC /scannow in the newly opened Command Prompt window. SFC will scan and replace any corrupted files it discovers by pressing Enter.

Step 10: Close any other programs and leave Command Prompt open until the verification is complete before initiating the SFC scan.

To run DISM:

If SFC successfully located and repaired the faulty files, you will be notified when the scan is complete. This application error should resolve if the corrupted files are corrected. To run DISM, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Log in as an operator and use the Command Prompt

Step 2: Insert commands one at a time, starting with the first one:

Step 3: Cleaning up the image is as simple as running DISM.exe with the following options.

Step 4: Dirty Image Cleaner (DISM) /Online /Cleanup-Image (RestoreHealth)

Step 5: Check to see whether the problem persists after restarting your computer.

Remove the Program:

There is a good chance that uninstalling guwxux.exe will solve your problem if disabling the program didn’t and learning what gwxux is? To do so, follow these procedures in the Control Panel.

1: Use any way to open your system’s Control Panel window. Just type it into the search area if you like.

2: In the Control Panel, look for Windows Updates.

3: The Windows Updates tab has a Programs and Features entry.

4: From the View Installed Updates drop-down menu, choose the option you want to see next.

5: The update with the KB number 3035589 should be removed from the list.

6: Try restarting your computer to see if that helps.


What is gwxux? And how does it work? GWXXUX.EXE consumes a lot of CPU power, making the computer run slower. Windows 8.1’s Gwxux.exe has stopped operating. Fixing this problem is as simple as locating and running gwxux.exe. There’s no need to worry about Gwxux.exe running when you’re doing anything else. After clicking on the notification, you can follow the tutorial to reserve and upgrade to Windows 10. What is gwxux? What is gwxux?

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