Why did itachi kill his clan?

Danzo ordered ItachiUchiha to kill his family. It will lead to a civil war between the Leaf Village and the Uchiha; he warned Itachi. Sasuke’s hatred towards the village had been stoked by Danzo’s plan to have Itachi kill his family to protect the community from the Uchiha. The Uchiha clan members devised a scheme to overthrow the village’s founding clans. Danzo took advantage of the situation to bribe Itachi into killing his family so that he could keep Sasuke out of harm’s way. With the help of the following description, you can learn why itachi killed his clan.

Who is Itachi Uchiha?

Why did itachi kill his clan? He gave up his father, mother, and even the rest of his family, but he never lost sight of who he was. To save his sibling, ItachiUchiha sacrificed his life path. It’s an informal fallacy where something is asserted to be an either-or situation, but in fact, there is at least one other choice. When Fugaku and MikotoUchiha had their first child, Itachi, they named him Itachi. Itachi was always a step ahead of the rest of his peers cognitively.

Why did Danzo want to kill the Uchiha clan?

Itachi informed Danzo of his family’s plans for a coup, and Danzo persuaded Itachi into believing that the coup could not be prevented without a bloody conflict. Shisui’s eye was stolen by Itachi, which made him doubt his loyalty. Danzo exploited Itachi’s grief and naivete to coerce him into killing the Uchiha family. A new Shiboi conflict and the deaths of countless innocents were why Danzo wanted to kill the Uchiha clan.

Why did itachi join akatsuki?

He stayed steadfast in his devotion to Hidden Leaf even after he had taken this heavy burden with tears in his eyes. To keep the town and his brother safe, even as a member of Akatsuki, he served as a double agent. Sasuke would only expose the truth about his massacre after he grew up. His dying wish was that Sasuke would continue the village’s defenses with the knowledge and power he had passed on to him. That’s why did itachi join Akatsuki.

What was Itachi’s motivation in decimating his entire family?

Believe it or not, Itachi never wanted to harm or even murder his family. After seeing the carnage of the Third Shinobi World War, he became a pacifist by nature. For him, the goal of world peace was so important that he even considered running for the position of Hokage. Unfortunately, fate had a different plan for him. Because of this, the Hidden Leaf Village had a low opinion of the Uchiha family.

What Clan Is Itachi a Member of?

One of Konohagakure’s four noble clans, the Uchiha Clan, is regarded as the village’s most strong due to their Sharingan and innate fighting skills. The Uchiha contributed to the founding of Konoha decades ago. Still, over time they drifted away from village matters, ultimately contributing to the Uchiha Clan Downfall and the deaths of the vast majority of Uchiha. Only a handful of Uchiha has remained help to learn why itachi killed his clan.

Why did itachi spare Sasuke?

Itachi stabbed and slashed his girlfriend to death. The first victim of the Uchiha clan slaughter was her. Tsukuyomi was utilized by Itachi on her, reenacting their whole relationship up to her death. In believing that his family was plotting to overthrow the community, Itachi slaughtered them. Sasuke would be spared if Itachi made it appear that he had gone renegade to test his strength. Danzo forged a bargain with Itachi. It is necessary to learn why did itachi spare Sasuke.

Who Killed the Uchiha Clan and Why?

The Uchiha plotted a coup because they were angry at being treated. Fugaku, the head of the Uchiha and the main conspirator in the coup, encouraged Itachi’s ascent in the ranks of the Anbu as a means of spying on the village. Konohagakure’s founding family was the Uchiha clan. During the feudal time in the Naruto universe, they established the world’s first Shinobi hamlet with their Senju clan adversaries.

What Happened To Itachi’s Family?

His clan was preparing a coup that would lead to a civil war, weakening the village and allowing other, more ambitious villages to take advantage of it. Itachi was anUchihaAnbu spy. Afterward, Danzo told itachi that it was up to him whether he slaughtered his entire tribe or not, and it was up to him whether his brother lived or died. You can learn why did itachi kill his clan.

Why did itachi kill his parents?

Why did itachi kill his parents? Itachi decided to kill his parents. Despite his deceit, they assured him that they were proud of him and requested that he look over Sasuke in the moments before they were slain. Feeling guilty about his actions, Itachi believed that Sasuke was the only one who could hold him accountable. For the sake of his advancement, he made himself the villain by making Sasuke see Tsukuyomi torturing Sasuke with images of his parents’ deaths.

Is Itachi remorseful for killing his family?

That being said, Itachi was tormented by guilt, knowing that Shisui would never forgive him for what he had done to the clan. Though his father had cautioned him against following others’ lead in his life, he was determined to stay on course after hearing that counsel. Itachi has no regrets about killing his family. That he didn’t tell Sasuke about whatever he was doing prompted him to go the wrong path, which was his one regret.


In the Naruto series, Itachi is one of the most popular characters. His past is a big part of why everyone loves the characters so much. We learn about him as the betrayer of his family, the mastermind behind the massacre, and the torturer of his younger brother.Itachi agreed to let Sasuke live to portray himself as a rogue ninja who had no regard for authority. All things will help you to learn why did itachi kill his clan.


In the end, why didn’t Itachi kill Sasuke?

Because he cared so much about Sasuke, Itachi could not murder him. As long as Itachi appeared to be acting alone, Danzo was willing to spare Sasuke from the Uchiha massacre.

Why did itachi kill his clan? Was Itachi’s Order to Kill the Uchiha Given by His Master?

Danzo gave Itachi the order to eliminate the Uchiha family. At the outset, Danzo warns Itachi that his clan intends to usurp the village government and that they must be prevented from carrying out their plot.

Was Itachi a Child When He Slew His Family?

When Itachi slaughtered his family, he was just 13 years old. He was an Anbu Black Ops member by the time he was 11 and a Chunin by the time he was 10.

What if Itachi had not killed his clan?

Why did itachi kill his clan? Why did itachi kill his clan? In the absence of Itachi, the Uchiha clan would have attempted to topple the village’s founding clans. The Uchihas were limited to serving on the village’s police force.

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