Why Dont united pentecostals wear makeup jewelry?

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Why Dont united pentecostals wear makeup jewelry? United Pentecostal women usually don’t wear makeup or jewellery because they think doing so goes against what the Bible says about getting involved with the world’s ways and what it means to look good.  This practice symbolises modesty and humility and distinguishes them from normal society. Women who adhere to the United Pentecostal faith do not wear cosmetics or jewellery because they believe doing so goes against biblical instructions on avoiding worldly influences and presenting a dignified appearance.

This belief stems from the fact that women founded the United Pentecostal faith. According to tradition, a person who does not wear any “adornments” on their body is considered particularly holy.  All substance use is sinful and harmful. This essay explains why do not united pentecostals wear makeup jewellery.

Why Dont united pentecostals wear makeup jewelry?

In some branches of Pentecostalism, the Apostolic Pentecostals, Oneness Pentecostals, and Jesus-Only Pentecostals go a step further in their call for members to dress respectfully by outlining specific guidelines for what to wear and how to style one’s hair. They don’t wear these things because they believe Christians should emphasise spiritual purity rather than superficial things like makeup and jewellery. Some of the major reasons why don’t united pentecostals wear makeup jewelry’s are as follows:

·       Translation from the Bible:

Makeup and jewels are taboo for United Pentecostals because they symbolizes worldly desires like vanity and pride. Several verses in Timothy 2:9-10, among others, are taken to imply that women should not dress provocatively or accessorized excessively.

·       Isolation from Society:

United Pentecostals value individuality over conformity, and this distinction is central to their religious identity. By not wearing makeup or jewellery, they distinguish themselves from the world and demonstrate their dedication to a sacred and pure lifestyle.

·       Cultural Iconography:

United Pentecostals have long held the societal norm of not adorning themselves with makeup or jewelry. It is often handed down from generation to generation as a symbol of faith.

Avoiding external worldliness:

United Pentecostals also frequently refer to 1 Peter 3:15 as a source of inspiration. The guidelines are given within the framework of a union. Both the wife and the husband are offered advice in this passage. Wives are encouraged to value inner qualities like kindness and generosity more than outward appearances.

Verse Biblical Passage Main Message
1 Pet. 3:3-5a KJV The author encourages women to pursue their true beauty from within rather than focusing on external markers of attractiveness like braided hair, gold jewellery, or expensive clothing. The author compares ancient sacred women who dressed in this manner.

Why do Pentecostals always wear their hair in high ponytails?

The majority of Pentecostals wear their hair pulled back into a ponytail for a variety of reasons. Some people use it as a way to demonstrate to others that they have trust in God.  For others, it’s a practical means of keeping hair out of their eyes during times of devotion. Others see it as a manifestation of reverence for God. Pentecostals who wear their hair up do so for whatever purpose is meaningful to them. Shaving one’s head is a requirement for all Pentecostals.

The Pentecostal Woman’s Code:

The Pentecostal Christian movement highly values the Holy Spirit, spiritual talents, and the use of one’s language (tongues). In God’s eyes, women and men are equal, but in the Pentecostal church, they perform distinct tasks. Women in Pentecostal marriages are expected to be submissive to their husbands and forbidden from holding teaching or power positions.

What do Pentecostals dress to bed at night?

·      Pentecostals’ sleepwear preferences vary widely.

·      Modesty is highly valued, even when sleeping.

·      Some prefer nightgowns or pyjamas that cover the arms and legs.

·      Others opt for T-shirts and shorts.

·      The choice of sleepwear is personal and should make the individual feel secure and modest.

How Do Pentecostals Dress?

Dressing in a manner that is respectful and modest is required of women who adhere to the United Pentecostal faith. This includes the wearing of skirts and dresses. Another unmistakable indicator that a person is feminine is the length of the dress or skirt she wears. The size of dresses and skirts and the shape of those garments are two ways in which modesty can be communicated. Female members of some Pentecostal congregations are required to wear a covering over their hair.

Why do women in the United Pentecostal Church have such long hair?

United Pentecostals also often refer to chapter eleven of 1 Corinthians. Paul advocates short hair for males and long hair for women in this passage. According to this verse, long hair signifies spiritual maturity and purity for women in the United Pentecostal faith.

Verse Biblical Passage Main Message
I Corinthians 11:13-15 KJV The author asks if it’s okay for a woman to pray without covering herself and suggests that it’s not. The writer then says that nature teaches that a woman’s long hair is glory and a man’s long hair is a shame. The author says that a woman’s long hair is a natural covering that shows her submission to God and her husband.

Pentecostal Dress Code:

Pentecostals don’t have a set dress code but encourage modesty. Wearing clothes that are too short, tight, or exposing is something to keep in mind. Furthermore, Pentecostals typically refrain from donning apparel with profane language. United Pentecostal Christians believe that true purity emanates from within before it can be seen worldwide. Women should dress discreetly and behave modestly at all times. The United Pentecostal Churches’ website encourages users to log their online time and pages. Men should have shorter hair than women.

Do Pentecostal women get to put on makeup?

It’s up to the discretion of each pastor and congregation whether or not the Pentecostal faith brides are permitted to wear makeup on their wedding day. Makeup is frowned upon by the United Pentecostal Church International and other conservative Pentecostal groups, even for ceremonial events like marriages. However, some Pentecostal congregations allow brides to wear cosmetics on their wedding day.

How do United Pentecostals justify banning jewels and makeup?

The United Pentecostals’ argument is supported by both Old and New Testament passages. Paul, the Apostle’s works contain several required courses.




Biblical Passage


1 Timothy 2:8-10


I want males to pray everywhere, holily raising their hands without anger or doubt. The same goes for women, who should dress modestly, maintain a straight expression, and wear simple jewellery instead of elaborate hairstyles or expensive clothing to reflect their devotion to God.


United Pentecostals hold that cosmetics and jewellery take attention away from a person’s true attractiveness and holiness on the inside. They adhere to literal readings of the Bible that emphasize spiritual purity and frown upon material comforts. Avoiding the use of cosmetics and adornment is seen as a sign of modesty and humility and a means to set oneself apart from the rest of society. United Pentecostals consider this an essential restriction. Regardless of religious views, wearing makeup or jewellery is a personal choice.


Why don’t united pentecostals wear makeup jewelry?

Makeup and jewellery are frowned upon among United Pentecostals because of the sect’s focus on modesty, strict biblical interpretations, desire for separation from the world, and cultural custom.

How prevalent is the practice of wearing jewellery among Pentecostals?

Some Pentecostals choose to accessorize, but the practice is highly variable across denominations and congregations. Conservative Pentecostal churches are more likely to require their members to forgo cosmetics and jewels.