What happened to Xavier Harrelson? All you need to know about Xavier.

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Xavier harrelson have seen their greatest nightmare come to fruition since their son went missing. Find all the latest details about the youngster. According to the AP, on Thursday, May 27, around 11 a.m., Xavior Harrelson was last seen riding his bike near his family’s home in Montezuma, Iowa. The parents of Xavior Harrelson, who went missing just before his 30th birthday on May 30, are concerned about their son’s whereabouts. On Sunday, May 30th, he turned eleven years old. According to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, he was last seen wearing a red t-shirt, black sneakers, and blue pyjama pants.

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Who is Xavior Harrelson?

Xavier Harrelson will be 11 years old, making him a child. On May 30, he would have turned 11, but he was missing from his family’s celebrations because of his absence. In Montezuma, Iowa, he resided with his mother, Sarah. Since he was born, there has been no mention of his father in any media outlets. Xavior’s biography is also missing from Wikipedia. Despite this, he weighs 100 pounds and stands at 4’8″. He has brown hair and blue eyes, say the cops.

Where does he live?

Xavior lived in a Spruce Village trailer park with his mother as a child. After speaking with Xavior’s distressed mother, a friend’s mother alerted police to her son’s disappearance on May 27 when he had vanished by the morning of that day. His fourth-grade year at Montezuma Elementary School ended on May 21, and he was on vacation for the rest of the summer. He was well-known in the trailer park for riding his bike.

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What happened to Xavier Harrelson?

Xavior has been reported missing, but it’s unknown if he got lost, was abducted, or fled away. The family expressed off-camera how much they miss and love Xavior even though Sarah Harrelson, Xavior’s mother, hasn’t spoken to the public yet. The relationship between Xavior and his mother was described as “full of affection,” according to KCRG. According to those living in the Spruce Village Mobile Home Park, there are reports that Xavior would sometimes ask for his neighbours to stay in their homes instead.

Condition of his family in the absence of Xavier Harrelson:

Xavior Harrelson’s parents are distraught at his abduction. In Spruce Village Mobile Home Park, Iowa, Xavior Harrelson left his home on May 27, 2021, and hasn’t returned since. That’s not to say that he didn’t return. Harrelson’s family reported him to the police because his behaviour was unusual for him.


There is no information on Xavier’s professional life.

Presence on social media:

To our disappointment, we could not locate him on any of the major social media platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook. He prefers to keep the facts of his private life private and keep the headlines focused on his professional life rather than on pointless speculation.


When it came to physical attributes, he was a 4’8″ man with brown eyes and brown hair and brown skin. Harrelson is a nine boy who is quite cute. It’s hard to look away from him because of his stunning features, especially his eyes and hair. He receives a great deal of attention due to his blue eyes.

Who is involved in the case?

According to Kevin Kaupzer, a neighbour of the Harrelson family, “the two would often dispute loud enough that they could hear the screaming.” Iowa DCI associate director Mitch Mortvedt has claimed that the boy’s family has been cooperating in their investigation; Xavior is at risk because of his age.

CBS News about Xavier Harrelson:

He has been absent for about a week and is still unaccounted for. In the hunt for Xavior Harrelson, the FBI has teamed up with local authorities and public members. Volunteers and responders, including dogs, drones and dive teams, scoured the area over the weekend, searching for Harrelson. According to CBS News, officials have encouraged residents to investigate their premises and camera systems for any trace of Harrelson, which first reported the request.

Xavior Harrelson had not been seen since:

There were 1,300 inhabitants in Montezuma, Iowa, at the time of Xavior’s disappearance; the hamlet is around 70 miles from Des Moines. He had not been seen since the afternoon of May 27th, when his disappearance was first reported. The last time he was seen was dressed in a red T-shirt, blue pyjama trousers, and black high-top sneakers, according to Iowa police.

People also inquire about this:

Xavior Harrelson is a regular early adolescent boy whose abduction and subsequent hunt for him have garnered widespread media attention. A search team was created in the wake of his disappearance, but no results have been found. When it comes to his chronological age, he’ll be 11 in 2021. He is currently 11 years old, which means he was probably born in 2009 or 2010. However, there are no data about his birth date.

Missing Boy’s Eleventh Birthday:

Numerous volunteers and law enforcement officers scoured the Diamond Lake County Park and surrounding areas on May 30, the day before his 11th birthday, in hopes of finding him. As a teacher, Marie Boulton described Xavior as a “happy boy who gets along well with his peers and wants to do well in school,” he said in June. When you see him, you know you can count on him to provide a hand, participate in the conversation, and give everyone he meets a grin.

Xavier’s whereabouts have remained a mystery for months:

For months, detectives and residents alike were stumped by the mystery of the boy’s disappearance. It was another blow to a rural community still hurting from the kidnapping and death of 20-year-old Brooklyn resident Mollie Tibbetts in July 2018. When Tibbetts vanished, her alleged killer, Cristhian Bahena-Rivera, was on trial for first-degree murder. Longtime Tibbetts investigators left the courtroom before a guilty verdict was rendered to look for the child.


Xavior Harrelson, a typical early teen guy, has been gone for a week, and the hunt is still underway. His family is quite alarmed that he has gone missing. Thus the search effort has been stepped up. He is one of the 600,000 children who cannot attend school each year. Across the country, this has been a significant problem. His family reported him missing after he left for college to play football, and the police are still searching for him.


What high school and the university did she attend?

He is a student at Montezuma High School at the moment. The rest of his educational background is a mystery. We may learn more about him once he is discovered.

Who is the mother of Xavier Harrelson?

‘He deserves to be found,’ Xavior Harrelson’s mother said. Sarah Harrelson’s 11-year-old son has been missing from their Montezuma, Colorado, home for nearly three months.