How can I get my Yamaha MG10XU to work with my PC?

Yamaha mg10xu review: The MG10XU is built for the road and has a simple layout even though it includes many features. Furthermore, the power supply connection is made using high-quality components and does not require screwing into the chassis. Color-coding and labeling are used to keep things organized. Yamaha‘s MG10XU is a ten-input mixer with built-in effects for live performances, lectures, recordings, and other uses. The MG10XU gives you two phantom-capable channels when most comparable priced small mixers only provide two, according to Yamaha mg10xu review.


For its size, the Yamaha MG10XU is an excellent mixer. In addition to the phantom power and high pass filtering, it has four channels with high gain and low impedance combos. Compression is also used on the first two channels. Line-level inputs are plentiful; all can accept stereo inputs, and two can take RCA.


  • Mixing Board with Ten Channels
  • A single monophonic audio output
  • Auxiliary input 1 (incl. FX)
  • Inverted Darlington circuit “D-PRE” mic preamps
  • Compressors with the one-knob operation
  • Effects of the highest caliber SPX’s 24 programs
  • USB Audio with 24-bit / 192 kHz 2in/2out
  • Brand Yamaha
  • There are just ten channels.
  • Amount in weight: 2100 Grams


  • D-PRE microphone preamps are known for clean, clear, and natural sound quality.
  • All mono channels have a 3-band EQ for customizing the sound.
  • It is simple to control dynamics with a one-knob compressor.
  • Recording and playback via USB 2.0, class-compliant, on PCs and tablets
  • Using SPX effect processors, you get access to a total of 24 effects.
  • Pad switch on mono inputs for dealing with high-volume sources
  • Solid metal chassis for long-term use.

An All-In-One Studio and Stage Mixer:

If you’ve got a small, portable setup, the Yamaha MG10XU analog mixer is an excellent choice. The MG10XU’s high-quality op-amp ensures that your mix sounds clean and clear. Clear, natural-sounding bass and silky highs are provided by the MG10XU’s D-PRE preamps, which extract every last drop of tone from your microphones. Even though it lacks some of the more esoteric features found on more expensive models, the MG10XU can take on any task you throw at it.

Yamaha’s top-of-the-line consoles:

The MG10XU boasts a host of cutting-edge technologies from Yamaha’s top-of-the-line consoles. A small mixing console is the simplest way to get your band hooked up to the same PA and ready to play live. Although there is severe competition, nearly every well-known brand offers similar competing products. You’ll probably want to check into a ten-channel option if you’re in a 4-6 piece band and wish to mike up the drums.

Yamaha’s high-end touring consoles:

The input area has been labeled to make it easier for folks who aren’t familiar with live mixing to find what they’re looking for. All ten channels can pan to the left and right, and each can be affected. Yamaha’s high-end touring consoles served as a model for this console, featuring high-quality components in a small, portable package. USB connectivity and two channels of 24-bit/192 kHz output make it excellent for recording live performances and demos, and other applications.

External effects on the Yamaha Mg10XU:

With an FX send, you can add external effects to the Yamaha Mg10XU. It has a foot pedal connection to switch between live and pre-recorded FX easily. Headphones can also connect to the headphone output on the XLR outputs. Again, results are clearly labeled for live use. You may attach it to a microphone stand using the included attachments according to Yamaha mg10xu review.


  • Small footprint.
  • More than ten channels are now available.
  • Compression adds 2/10 points.
  • With phantom power and a high filter pass, I’d give it a 4/10.
  • Flexible I/O options.
  • Easy to use.


  • The attachment device for the microphone stand cannot remove without unscrewing.
  • In other words, the concept is excellent or even dangerous.
  • It makes it a little inconvenient and an oversight in our minds, making it a little impractical.

Yamaha mg10xu review of customers:

The most OK karaoke mixer is:

Most of the mixers I used for karaoke required additional components to mix better and record vocals—the Yamaha MG10XU-10 mixing console. Everything is laid out understandably, making it a breeze to get everything up and running. The most delicate karaoke vocal mix ever! Sweetwater’s customer service representatives have been in touch before I’ve even asked for help, which I appreciate.

Musician’s Instrument:

The Yamaha MG10XU Mixer I Just Bought for My Use When I Sing I already owned a different mixer, but I decided to give this one a go after reading about its features. A Good Friend Of Mys Received My Old Mixer As a Gift. I’m Quite Satisfied with the Result. This one is the best Yamaha mg10xu review.


The Yamaha MG10XU is a compact and easy-to-use live instrument. There are eleven channels to choose from. Thanks to its sturdy construction and top-notch engineering derived from Yamaha’s more expensive consoles, it’s built to last. The Yamaha MG10XU is a high-quality, low-cost alternative. It’s small and portable, making it ideal for taking to shows. It offers a wide range of input possibilities, making it versatile and a significant number of built-in effects to allow you to customize your sound according to the Yamaha mg10xu review.


How can I get my Yamaha MG10XU to work with my PC?

1: Channels 9/10 should have the [LINE/USB] switch set to [USB].

2: On channels 9/10, set the [TO MON/TO ST] switch to [TO MON].

3: Channels 9/10 can be lower or raised to suit your needs.

What is the MG10 Yamaha’s weight?

The Yamaha MG10 weighs 1900 grams.


In the DAW program, select the “monitoring” option.

Is the Yamaha MG10XU preamplifier?

These D-Pre preamps provide a massive amount of gain with low impedance. For the purest sound, they include XLR/1/4-inch jack combos with transparent connectors. There is a 25dB pad for EQing each channel and a high-pass filter.

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