What is causing the bf1 crash on startup?

Bf1 crash on startup: October 2016 saw the release of Battlefield 1 as the fifteenth edition in the Battlefield series. While the game was a big success, many users were unable because of frequent crashes that occurred without an error notice. It makes the game unappealing for me to play through. Since many people had the same issue, it prompted numerous conversations on various boards, where various solutions of bf1 crash on startup were found.

What is causing the bf1 crash on startup?

There are likely many additional reasons for this problem that haven’t yet been documented. For bf1 crash on startup, we’ve gathered up some of the most popular conversations from around the web and included them in our shortlist:

Windows is not up to date:

Updates to the current version of Windows 10 were able to fix a bug in a certain version of Windows 10, and many users could do so by doing so.

The graphics card driver is corrupted:

It’s possible that your graphics driver is to blame, and you’ll either need to update it or go back to the one you had before, depending on your situation.

The BIOS has a problem:

Some BIOS options, like XMP and SMT, can create issues, so be sure to turn them off. Aside from that, make sure you update your computer’s BIOS if it is an older version.

Filtering with an anisotropy:

NVIDIA graphics card users were obliged to disable Anisotropic filtering to avoid crashing the game.

How to fix the bf1 crash on startup?

Ensure that there is the most recent version of Windows installed:

As long as third-party services or apps didn’t cause it, the latest Windows 10 versions appear to have remedied this issue. Many customers have reported that the bf1 crash on startup has gone away after upgrading to the current version of Windows.

Step 1: You may open Settings on your Windows PC by pressing the Windows Key + I key combination. Search for “Settings” in the taskbar search bar or clear the cog symbol to find it.

Step 2: The “Update & security” section of the Settings menu can be accessed by clicking on the “Update & security” tab.

Step 3: If there is an update available, Windows will automatically install it and then ask you to restart your computer.

Install a new graphics card driver:

If the crashes started after you modified your graphics driver in any way, a rollback might be sufficient until a new, more secure driver is available. Update your graphics card drivers if they’ve been released recently, as newer versions often fix crashing difficulties.

Step 1: The first step is to remove the driver currently installed on your computer.

Step 2: To open the device manager, type “Device Manager” into the search area next to the Start menu.

Step 3: The “Display Adapters” section should be expanded. It will list all of the currently installed display adapters on the machine.

Install a Newer Driver:

To remove a display adapter, right-click it and select “Uninstall device.” The graphics device will uninstall, and the adapter will remove from the list.

Step 1: The gadget can be removed by clicking “OK” on the confirmation screen.

Step 2: Navigate to the manufacturer’s website for your graphics card to see any available drivers for your system.

Step 3: Installing the driver is as simple as following the on-screen directions. Check to see whether the problem has gone away by restarting the computer.

Install the Most Recent Version of BIOS:

Users have reported success with the seemingly strange solution of updating their BIOS. It is important to remember that each manufacturer has a different method, and you should consider it.

Step 1: By putting “info” into the search bar or the Start menu, you can find out what version of BIOS utility you have installed on your machine.

Step 2: Make a copy of the BIOS version data located directly below your processor model and save it on your computer or paper.

Step 3: Check to see if your computer was pre-built or assembled or if it was packed. Using the wrong BIOS can create serious errors and system difficulties if you use the wrong BIOS.

Step 4: Preparation is key for the BIOS update. It’s a good idea to plug your laptop into a power outlet while you’re upgrading it.

Step 5: Make sure to follow the steps we’ve provided for various desktop and laptop manufacturers such as Lenovo and Gateway.

As an administrator, run Origin as an administrator:

Many mistakes can fix with administrator privileges, which falls under that category. Just executing Origin as an administrator might be all that is needed to eliminate the error message.

Step 1: On your computer, locate and open the Origin shortcut or executable by right-clicking its entry on the Desktop.

Step 2: Ensure that the Run this program as administrator checkbox is checked before clicking OK or Create to save the improvements made in the Properties window Compatibility tab.

Step 3: Next time Origin launches, it should run with administrative privileges. To open it, double-click on its icon.

Step 4: Change the slider under the Origin In-Game tab to off. Check to see whether the crashing problem persists by reopening Battlefield 1.

Cleave Your Origin Cache:

This simple adjustment worked for many people who were having bf1 crashes on startup problems, and it’s worth a try for everyone. After removing the Origin cache, they say Battlefield 1 no longer crashes. Therefore we encourage you to give it a go.

1: By opening Windows Explorer and clicking on This PC, you can get to the following area on your computer:

2: The AppData folder may be hidden from view unless accessing hidden files and folders is enabled. File Explorer’s “View” tab has a “Show/hide” section where you can select the “Hidden items” checkbox to display hidden files. For the time being, the hidden files will be visible in File Explorer.

3: Remove the Origin folder from the Roaming directory. Would you please quit Origin and terminate its process in Task Manager because they were in use? Remove the Origin folder from the Local folder in the AppData folder.

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