Corey Feldman Net Worth, Assets, Biography, Career, and more!

Corey Feldman Net Worth: Actor, musician, and activist Corey Feldman has amassed a sizeable fortune thanks to his prolific career accomplishments. Corey Feldman has released multiple albums and guest-starred in many movies and TV episodes throughout his career. Corey has also spoken out against the sexual abuse of minors, which he sees as a widespread issue in the entertainment business.

Corey has first-hand knowledge of the situation. Corey Feldman’s contributions have helped him amass a $3 million fortune. While Corey and Michael Jackson were once close friends as teenagers, they fell out of touch after a disagreement. To date, Corey Feldman’s early film credits include Stand By Me, The Lost Boys, and License To Drive. See how much Dana Perino and Monica Bellucci have earned as well.

Corey Feldman Net Worth Assets:

American actor, musician, and activist Corey Feldman have received widespread praise for his work. Corey has a few homes he owns and enjoys, including ones in Reseda, Los Angeles, and Manhattan. He still needs to give us additional information or details, too. Corey Feldman’s collection of automobiles is impressive, and he has amassed it via his many car purchases. Corey owns two high-quality vehicles. One is a Chevrolet Camaro GT, and the other is a Ford. Outside of that car, he also has a Toyota and a Mitsubishi.

Corey Feldman Biography:

Corey Scott has achieved legendary status in the United States. Corey Scott Feldman came into the world on July 16, 1971, in Reseda, California, USA. Corey Feldman spent his formative years in and around Reseda, where he was born and raised. Corey’s birth and upbringing led him to practice Judaism. Although Corey Feldman has been cagey about his personal life, we know that he had trouble getting along with his parents. Corey’s rise to fame.

Corey Feldman Net Worth Career And Awards:

Corey Feldman went on a successful professional career at a very impressionable age. Earlier in his career, he was a familiar face in a number of advertisements, including those for McDonald’s and others. He has the distinction of appearing in more than one hundred advertisements.


Regarding the details of his educational background, Corey Feldman has not provided any information to the public. Because he began his career in the entertainment industry at such a tender age, he was unable to attend school due to his obligations. In addition, he pursued a career in music and soon began collaborating with renowned musicians of the moment. Only in his earlier years has Corey Feldman reached the pinnacle of his professional career.

About Corey Scott Feldman:

It is believed that Corey Scott Feldman’s net worth is $2 million. On July 16th, 1971, he was born in Los Angeles. As a kid actor, he began his career by appearing in more than 50 television series and 100 commercials during his formative years. Feldman rose to fame after starring alongside Corey Haim in the 1987 film “The Lost Boys,” which catapulted him to the status of an adolescent idol. He suffered from traumatic experiences as a child, as well as addiction.

Who Is Corey Feldman, And What Is His Background?

Corey Feldman is an actor, musician, and former child star who became famous for his work in the movies throughout the 1980s. He is now 48 years old. In 1971, Feldman was born in California to a musician father, Bob, and a former Playboy model mother, Sheila. Feldman has one younger sister and two younger brothers. When he was three years old, he had his acting debut in a commercial for McDonald’s. Shortly after that, he had small roles in several different television shows.

Does Corey Feldman Net Worth Have A Documentary Out?

On March 2, 2020, Corey Feldman announced he would be screening his documentary “My Truth: The Rape Of Two Coreys.” This film tells the story of the emotional and sexual abuse that Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were subjected to while working in the entertainment industry. The screening broadcast is scheduled to occur on March 9 in the United States and on March 10 everywhere else. Feldman’s adult career in the film industry was marked by diminishing success.

Corey Feldman Net Worth Meet His Wife, Courtney Anne Mitchell:

Singer and actor Corey Scott Feldman was born in the United States. He began his career when he was a kid actor and has been involved in a wide variety of films and songs for a significant amount of time. The allegations that Corey was sexually abused as a child initially brought him to public attention. In spite of everything that has happened, he has had nothing but success in his profession. Let’s get deeper into Corey Feldman’s net worth in 2021.

Personal Life:

Feldman has gone through several marriages in his lifetime. His first marriage, which lasted from 1989 until 1993, was to the actress Vanessa Marcil. After that, in January 2002, he met the actress and model Susie Sprague, and they got married in October of that same year. They have a son who is shared between them. They divorced in 2014 after having been apart since 2009 and married for seven years. Feldman wed Courtney Ann Mitchell in November 2016.

Other Projects:

Feldman has appeared in a significant number of different reality television series. Feldman and Haim began their starring roles in “The Two Coreys,” a scripted reality series aired on A&E and ran for two seasons in 2007. Feldman was the executive producer for both of those seasons. In addition, he participated in “The Surreal Life,” which aired on The AB in 2003, “Dancing on Ice,” which aired in the United Kingdom in 2012, and “Border Security: Canada’s Front Line” (2012). (2012).


Feldman and his co-star in “Lost Boys,” Corey Haim, became known to the public as “The Two Coreys” when they were both teenagers. The two went on to collaborate on several films throughout their careers, some of which include “License to Drive” (1988), “Dream a Little Dream” (1989), and “Dream a Little Dream 2.” (1995). They started working on independent films together, and one of Haim’s first roles was in Feldman’s slapstick comedy “Busted,” which was released in 1996.


What Was  Haim’s Highest Corey Feldman Net Worth?

At the time of his passing in 2010, the Canadian actor Corey Haim had a net worth of $5,000, which he had accumulated prior to his passing.

How Much Does Corey Feldman Make?

Corey has also spoken out against the sexual abuse of minors, which he sees as a widespread issue in the entertainment business. Corey has first-hand knowledge of the situation.

What’s Corey Gambles Corey Feldman Net Worth?

As of October 2022, it is anticipated that Corey Gamble’s net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 Million.