Paul ryan 60 minutes-Increasing revenues or decreasing the increase of costs.

Paul ryan 60 minutes: On CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday night, House Speaker Paul Ryan spread deadly misinformation about Medicare. “Medicare goes bankrupt in roughly ten years,” Ryan said in an interview with Scott Pelley. The National Committee refers to Ryan’s plan as “discount care” because “shoring up” Medicare for him implies privatizing it. People over 65 who want private health insurance would have to pay higher premiums or incur more out-of-pocket expenses. Here Paul Ryan 60 minutes is discussed.

Increasing revenues or decreasing the increase of costs:

It is possible to fill any shortages by “increasing revenues or decreasing the increase of costs, or most likely both,” according to the CBPP. Still, Ryan doesn’t seem interested in doing so. Other lies told by Ryan in his “60 Minutes” interview include the claim that his proposed Medicare “reforms” will not affect those already retired or nearing retirement, but only those of Generation X.

Privatization of Medicare:

It is a blatant lie.   Higher premiums, reduced benefits, and increased out-of-pocket costs are possible outcomes. Ryan’s bogus assurances should not be taken as gospel by the elderly or their children and grandkids.

A serious blow to Paul Ryan:

The interview with Bannon should serve as a wake-up call to the Republican Party. There has been a serious blow to Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the GOP as a whole from Steve Bannon’s “60 Minutes” interview. Traditional Medicare would be permitted to deteriorate and eventually die out. Fake crises are the foundation of Ryan’s strategy. Medicare does not go bankrupt in ten years, despite what the Speaker claimed on Paul Ryan 60 minutes.

A long way from insolvency:

Republicans in power failed to grasp and continue to fail to grasp that Trump won the election, and not them. The Medicare Hospital Trust Fund will run out of money if no further payroll taxes are collected. CBPP, on the other hand, states that “incoming payroll taxes and other revenue will still cover 87% of Medicare hospital insurance expenses.” Mr. Ryan, that’s a long way from insolvency.

Trump administration personnel:

It was also a reminder to existing Trump administration personnel who aren’t showing devotion to the president that they can’t simply go about business as normal.  A decade after the election, many real losers still don’t seem to have accepted their defeat. These new rulers are still stumbling around in their positions of authority.

Interview about paul Ryan 60 minutes:

In the interview with Steve Bannon that aired on “60 Minutes” Sunday night, the former White House top strategist conveyed this viewpoint. According to the former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, there are still members of President Trump’s White House team who aren’t fully on board with the president’s policies. And whether you like Steve Bannon or not, his account of events immediately following the election and in the months that followed certainly seems to explain a lot.

Replacement of Obamacare:

He told us that the Republican congressional leadership began their connection with the Trump administration in a condition of delusion they believed they had won the election. In conversations with then-President-elect Trump, Bannon said Speaker of the House Paul Ryan explained that he and other legislative Republicans were the experts on repealing and replacing Obamacare and were more than ready to achieve this. Bannon described Ryan’s promises in Paul Ryan’s 60 minutes.

Fundamental divisions inside the Republican Party:

All of us know it never happened. According to Bannon, Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell failed because they were unaware of the fundamental divisions inside the Republican Party, which they still face today. Legislators often don’t bring bills to the floor for a vote unless they’re confident they’ll pass. As a response, Bannon told Trump that he was confident that Trump would win the election.

Administration of disorganized:

Not that Bannon was correct, but rather that Priebus was so certain it was all over, stands out. Bannon’s confirmation of the GOP leadership’s lack of support for President Trump was another sign that they still don’t realize how firmly many Republican supporters intend to support him even in the most difficult circumstances. This administration’s disorganized start is evident in that Priebus was granted the White House chief of staff position despite all of this.

Keep President Trump’s coalition together:

Reach out to Democrats, and let’s attempt to work together on things that we can achieve, says Bannon, describing a White House sometimes at war amongst its aides who want to keep President Trump’s coalition together. According to the Speaker of the House, a budget process to repeal the Affordable Care Act will begin in January. In response to Pelley’s endless questions, Obama said that he hopes both parties will support the Republicans’ replacement proposal.

Plans for reducing the rate:

John Boehner had difficulty negotiating with Republicans, but Ryan believes the issue won’t hinder him. There are two plans for reducing the rate from 35 percent to 20% and 15 percent, respectively, by Congressional Republicans and President-elect Trump. Speaker Ryan says he aims for a 15 to 20 percent vote share. He recalls a card explaining the significance of the bells and lights to Ryan when he was first elected in 1998.

We are now entering an age of unified government:

He tells Pelley, “We are now entering an age of unified government.” In a hung parliament, John Boehner had to deal with the tactical differences among Republicans. Speaker Paul ryan 60 minutes may not have to deal with intra-party strife, but the bell mechanism used to notify House members of a quorum call remains identical. As far as Ryan is concerned, no one knows how it works.


During the interview with Paul Ryan for 60 minutes, which took place on Thursday, we enjoyed views of the National Mall from the Speaker’s office balcony. Speaker Paul ryan 60 minutes took Pelley on a tour of the sights from his office, including the inauguration platform, which is currently under construction. In the clip above, Pelley says that The Washington Monument and the new Trump Hotel are the two most prominent things on the skyline from this vantage point.

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