Everything that you need to know about Eternals funko pop.

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Eternals funko pop has just arrived, and it is sure” to ignite some debates regarding one of the MCU’s most anticipated films for 2022. It’s quite an extensive list of eternals funko pop that includes our core characters and the primary adversary, the deviant Kro, Thena with an undisclosed weapon, Sprite going through a transformation, Ikaris in a London attire, and Sersi in a Drug compound clothing. The film has names like Angelina Jolie, Isabel Hayek, Kit Harrington, and Richard Madden cast as The Eternals, the champions of Earth, and promises to amaze fans through Chloé Zhao’s direction of a new storyline. Following are the best eternals funko pop:


Barbara Gordon is a DC Universe superhero. She is featured in the comics and HBO Max’s Harley Quinn animated series. Set for release in 2021, Batgirl will also be a playable character in Gotham Knights. Though there are seven versions of this Funko Pop, the metallic Chase version of Batgirl is an uncommon standard-issue figurine. First released in 2010, Batgirl is currently vaulted and a rare find.

Harley Quinn:

The Joker’s sidekick and former girlfriend, Harley Quinn, has become an iconic character of her own. Not only does she have her cartoon series and movies, but she also features in many video games. Silver Harley Quinn dressed in her trademark jester garb launched in 2016 as a Hot Topic limited edition Pop only accessible to business workers. Funko only created 144 figures like this one.

Captain America:

A Marvel mainstay since 1941, Captain America is one of the First Avenger’s most well-known superheroes. Chris Evans has portrayed him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for nearly a century, and he recently retired his shield. The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con Captain America metallic bobble head is a one-of-a-kind collectible. This Funko Pop is tough to come by, as there were only 480 made.

Ben Grimm:

Popularly known as The Thing, Ben Grimm is a member of The Fantastic Four who has appeared in numerous media, including comics, cartoons, and video games. Super-strength, super-resilience, and stamina are among his abilities. A limited-edition Funko bobble head of The Thing was released exclusively at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. SDCC exclusives, like other SDCC exclusives, Funko only made 480 of the blue-eyed version, making them a collector’s item right away.


It’s no surprise that this Loki Pop! The figure is so popular, thanks to Marvel Comics and Tom Hiddleston. Vinyl is tough to get by these days! It’s safe to say that Loki is worth more than $2,000 in his original Avengers attire, but the God of Mischief would probably like to see a few more zeros added to that figure. In 2012, in conjunction with the release of Marvel’s The Avengers, this figure made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con.

The Green Lantern:

Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner are only two of the many Green Lanterns who have appeared in DC Comics throughout the years. This Green Lantern Funko Pop is only accessible at the San Diego Comic-Con. It is made and marked the debut of Green Lantern, one of seven different versions of the character. There are just 240 of this unusual, glowing Pop! Vinyl is available, worth more than $2,700 at auction.

Bobble-Head Superman:

A Target exclusive from 2010 is more expensive than the $1,300 Silver Superman Funko Pop, yet it isn’t the most costly Superman Funko Pop. This Funko Pop depicts the Man of Steel in his glory days while displaying his timeless clothing in his traditional costume and haircut. As a bonus, this limited-edition Chase model comes with a bobble head, which is of limited utility beyond being amusing. That it is so rare is what makes it so valuable.


As evidenced by the two Funko Pops issued in conjunction with The Amazing Spider-Man movies, metallic Spider-Mans are almost always an excellent deal. Aside from that, the 2011 Spider-Man is worth at least double what they are. Only 480 of these Funko Pops were made for the San Diego Comic-Con, making them highly sought-after collector’s goods increasing with time. It’s no secret that Spider-Man is one of the most popular and beloved Marvel heroes of all time; eternals funko pop of him are no exception.


Superman and Spider-Man may be the only other comic book heroes to threaten Batman’s status. In addition to the $2,600 silver Batman Funko Pop, Batman’s Funko Pops are worth a significant amount of money. The Blue-Metallic Bats is the most valuable due to its exclusivity at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. There are currently less than 500 of these available for purchase. People who own one of these are sitting on a little bit of money.

Freddy Funko:

Freddy Funko may not be a DC or Marvel character, but that doesn’t stop him from dressing up as one whenever possible. Pop culture icons are frequently referenced by the Funko mascot, Freddy. Naturally, Freddy has a fondness for the Marvel and DC universes. Freddy Funko’s costume as Death stroke is currently his most valuable Marvel or DC cosplay. Funko has a Freddy as Joker and a Funko Fun day 2019 Exclusive with the mascot dressed as Venom, which is pretty expensive.

Stan Lee:

Stan Lee’s death saddened hundreds of thousands of Marvel fans worldwide on November 12, 2018. Legendary superheroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Thor were all created by Stan Lee. His work influenced the lives of many people for decades. There are a few unique Funko figurines to commemorate him and his legacy in the hearts of his followers. For the 2017 Los Angeles Comic-Con, the Red Metallic edition of Superhero Stan Lee was the only one available. It’s worth a lot because there were only 12 created, and each one was signed by Stan personally.

Gold and Chrome Signed Metallics:

Because Stan Lee is so revered throughout the entertainment business, Funko Pops featuring his likeness should fetch a premium. Some Stan Lee Funko Pops are available in gold and chrome, and the comic book legend himself signs the packaging. Due to Stan Lee’s tragic departure in 2018, these can sell for as much as USD 6,100 on the secondary market.

The Kool-Aid Man:

The Kool-Aid Man symbolizes the 1970s, or at least a simpler time. According to Funko Pop’s product website, this figurine is a Target exclusive because it’s made of standard vinyl material. However, the Kool-Aid Man may also be purchased online from Walmart, Amazon, and GameStop. Ad Icons, which debuted in 2010 and is still going strong today, includes Funko Pop’s, Kool-Aid Man.

Eternals funko pop release date:

Marvel has launched a new collection of 13 eternals funko pop! Characters that can be pre-ordered ahead of the November 5th premiere of Eternals! Pre-ordering a Pop! Of Dane Whitman, one of the new characters, will set you back $11.99.


These beautiful sculptures bring all of your favorite characters from movies and television shows to life in miniature form. Eternals funko pop figurines have swept the United States by storm, with some individuals even lining up to get their hands on their favorite characters before they sell out ultimately.


Do you know how many Scarlet Witch Pops there are in total?

Only 12,500 of the Scarlet Witch Soda figurines were produced in the world. Pop! This collection’s Pietro Maximoff is a Funko exclusive.

What exactly were Drugs up to in the Amazon?

Drug established and ran a colony in the Peruvian Amazon for the next five hundred years using his mind control powers.