Farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware review.

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Farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware, The finishing touches of a kitchen, such as cabinet hardware, are like the icing on the cake. Update your kitchen with new cabinet knobs or drawer handles, quick, easy, and affordable. Cabinet hardware should be functional and easy to use to get the most out of a kitchen’s style. Choose your kitchen hardware with care and consideration for the overall look and feel of the room. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have some fun. When contrasted with reclaimed oak cabinetry, a character may look a better match than polished chrome pulls. Here we will discuss farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware:

Hardware Knob by Franklin Brass for Kitchen Cabinets

These Franklin Brass cabinet knobs have a classic design that livens up any cabinet. These knobs go well with most standard appliances and faucets. Die-cast zinc is used to make the knobs, which have a subtle step-edge at the base for visual texture.  


Sleek, satin-finished

The feature that prevents rotation

Suitable for a wide range of interior design schemes


In cabinetry, anti-rotate nubs may leave a mark

Cosmas Traditional Round Knobs:

Kitchen with stainless steel appliances and fixtures will look great with these round cabinet knobs, which have a subtle satin nickel finish. They can be used in a bathroom and a kitchen because they are so versatile. The handles have an understated, refined appearance. A single order comes with 25 satin nickel knobs in a plastic bag to protect them from damage during shipping. The screws needed for installation are included in the package.


The brushed nickel finish is both sophisticated and straightforward.

A soft convex shape makes it easy to hold onto.

Modern rooms are best suited to minimalist design.


Some reviewers mention a screw size discrepancy.

Drawer Handles, 1.25-Inch Round, Flat Black, Ilya:

When installed, they have a width of 1.15 inches. With a wide range of colors and finishes, kitchen cabinets may fit any style. These are positioned just one inch from the cabinet’s front. Two breakaway screws provided in the package allow you to place the knobs on doors with a thickness of up to 1.5 inches, ensuring a perfect fit. Individually wrapped to prevent damage in transit, these low-cost metal knobs are of great value.


The minimalist style can accommodate both modern and industrial interiors.

The beveled design is eye-catching.

Breakaway screws are included for quick and easy installation.


Metals of unknown type were found.

Antique Copper Dynasty Hardware Cabinet:

Consider Dynasty Hardware’s understated knobs for a subtle copper look in your kitchen. Zinc alloy knobs finished in vintage copper and measuring 1.375 inches in length are built to withstand daily use. Although their simplicity, the circular surface, and stepped base give visual interest.  The screws needed to install these knobs are included, and they are compatible with cabinet doors up to 1.125 inches thick.


Appealing distressed look

Intricately curvilinear

Works well with a rustic or industrial-style home.


Smaller knobs have a 0.98-inch knob height.

Cosmas Cabinet Hardware in Polished Chrome:

For a bit of glitter in your kitchen, Cosmas has polished chrome cabinet pulls. Because of these gleaming bars, the kitchen has such an elegant and high-end appearance. Each pull is a substantial 5.375 inches long and compatible with a standard 3-inch hole center despite its hefty size. It is possible to install the pulls on both the doors and the cabinet’s drawers.


The smooth and gleaming surface

The grip is easy to hold.

Perfect for making a fashion statement with a zipper pull!


Metals of unknown type were found.

Goldenwarm Black Square Bar Cabinet Pull Drawer:

Square bar cabinet handles from Goldenwarm are made of high-quality stainless steel resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for a contemporary kitchen. These black bar pulls are suitable for flat-surface cabinet doors and cabinet fronts and modern kitchen designs with their simple lines. Larger bars can even be used as towel racks in the kitchen.


A sleek, cutting-edge style

An understated, unobtrusive finish

Longer lasting than zinc die-casting


Gripping the handle could be a challenge.

Cabinet Bin Cup Hardware in Oil-Rubbed Bronze by Cosmas:

Cosmas’s oil-rubbed bronzed drawer pulls evoke the country kitchens of our ancestors from the turn of the 20th century. Traditional and historic kitchens benefit significantly from the rustic appeal of this time-honored design. Something about the oil-rubbed bronze finish brings to mind old-fashioned bronze pulls. Drawer fronts with the open side facing down are best suited for these cup-style pulls. They come in a box of ten and are pre-drilled with 3-inch holes.


A rustic, warm bronze hue completes the look.

The cup’s shape provides a firm grip.

A chic addition to rustic and country-style interiors


Simple knobs and bar pulls may not be as easy to clean as these

Franklin Brass Pierce drawer:

Franklin Brass Pierce drawer pulls feature a curved bar for a modern look. Thanks to the curved design, your fingers have more room to grip the pulls. Their robust zinc alloy construction is available in various finishes to match a wide range of shared kitchen and bathroom fixtures. For a seamless look with stainless-steel appliances, choose these in satin nickel. On 4-inch centers, the pulls are 5.375 inches long.


The appearance is sleek and contemporary.

Steel appliances can be matched with this color

Convenient to hold


On the hand, angular edges may feel rougher than smooth ones.

Buying guides for farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware:

With cabinet hardware, there are a seemingly infinite number of options. Farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware can be found in many different shapes, materials, and finishes to match any interior design. Consider the type of cabinet hardware, the material, the shape, the finish, and the compatibility of the hardware with your cabinetry when selecting the best hardware for your home.


We focus strongly on aesthetics when selecting new cabinet hardware because style is one of the most significant characteristics that clients look for in new cabinet hardware.

Handles with a Pull or a Knob:

Kitchen decor connoisseurs can choose between knobs and handles for grips. There are many knobs to choose from, from plain black to color patterned designs brightly. Knobs are a versatile and subtle finishing option. Pulls are larger and more visible than knobs. Shapes, finishes, and hues vary widely. Most bars are rounding, arched, or angular. Rings and cups are also frequent. Cabinet and drawer knobs and pulls are available. They might make an engaging style.


Just as important as the style of the cabinet hardware is its material. Durable metal knobs and pulls are a common choice because of their variety of styles and finishes and the ease with which they can be easily cleaned. Metal alloys, such as steel, zinc, brass, and bronze, are frequently used to make durable metal hardware. Even though metal is a popular choice, there are a variety of other materials available.

Shape and Form:

Cabinet hardware comes in various forms and sizes, from the more traditional round knobs to quirky hardware pulls shaped like animals or food. Creative options are best for those who want to give their space a unique flair. Special cabinet hardware can achieve the subtle addition of character to a room. However, even if you’re looking for a specific style or shape, these characteristics are worth considering before deciding.


Look for modern cabinet hardware with minimalistic and straightforward qualities as contemporary decor. Round or square knobs and bar pulls in simple shapes work well with a more subdued color palette. Modern fixtures are best complemented by metal finishes that are neutral and sleek.


A classic and ornate style is characteristic of traditional interior design. Traditional knobs get a contemporary makeover with these finishes. Choosing a neutral color for a standard room is a good idea.


If you’re going for an old-fashioned, vintage look, distressed surfaces can help. To achieve a more contemporary look and feel, distressed patterns and neutral colors like black, grey, and white are often used in vintage cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware in gold, copper, or brass has a more abundant appearance.


A practical, chic look in cabinet hardware can help you achieve industrial design’s raw, unfinished feel. Basic pulls, angular shapes, and faux-pipe designs are excellent door pulls options. Decorin industrial settings often employ dark tones.

Finish and Color:

It may seem like a minor detail, but cabinet hardware can significantly impact the look and feel of a room. Depending on the color and finish, the right pieces can make a subtle or a big statement in a room. Pulls and knobs come in all colors and styles, from faded neutrals to brightly colored rainbow-pattern knobs. There are many ways to customize the look of a room.


Installing cabinet doors is a simple task. Most jobs require only a drill. When installing cabinet hardware, keep in mind the cabinet’s thickness. Most knobs and pulls come with one-inch screws. For heavier cabinets or drawers, buy screws. Here are some of the nicest knobs and handles available. Choosing cabinet hardware was based on our readers’ tastes, so we included traditional knobs and contemporary pulls.


The Franklin Brass cabinet hardware features a timeless satin nickel finish and a modern square knob design, making it an excellent choice for the kitchen and the bathroom. As an alternative, there is farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware with a soft nickel finish that is more modern and minimalistic.


What kind of hardware should be used on cabinetry?

Farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware, Size of cabinet hardware is essentially a matter of personal preference: Large hardware can make a statement, while small hardware is understated. Farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware, Farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware, Farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware.

How do you select cabinet knobs and pulls?

Choosing between drawer pulls and knobs is entirely subjective—size and form influence how something looks and sounds. Choose cabinet knobs for a more subtle look and easier handling.