Everything that you need to know about Mike aot.

Attack on Titan featured Mike Zacharias as a supporting character. He served as the Section Commander of the Survey Corps and as the leader of the Patrol Squad Mike. After Levi Ackerman, he was regarded as Survey Corps’ second-strongest soldier. Mike aot possessed an exceptional sense of smell, identifying Titans at considerable distances. Both Kenta Miyake and Jason Douglas voiced him, with Miyake also voicing All Might in the amine‚Äôs Japanese version.


Mike aot stood a towering 6’3″ and had a solid build. Hair parted in the middle, dark mustache and beard; blond hair parted in the center. Mike, like Erwin Smith, was nearly always seen with a solemn and calm expression on his face, much like the actor. During trips, he wore the Survey Corps’ distinctive green cape and his usual outfit.


Mike was a well-respected leader known for his courage and strategic thinking. He was a steadfast member of the Survey Corps and a staunch advocate for human liberation, believing that humanity can only lose if they give up. When things were going well, Mike was a quiet man who only spoke up when absolutely necessary. Another oddity about him was that he would immediately begin to “smell” them upon meeting someone.


Mike is regarded as the second-best fighter in the Survey Corps thanks to his mastery of 3D Omni-Directional Maneuvering Gear. On his alone, Mike fights out five Titans in terrain unsuitable for ODM gear during the Clash of the Titans Arc, demonstrating his powers. Mike has a phenomenal sense of smell, allowing him to detect the presence of Titans by smelling them and identifying who they belong to.


Erwin Smith:

Since they had served together for so long, Mike and Erwin had developed a strong bond of trust and mutual admiration for one another’s military abilities as well. Even after so many years together, Mike still found Erwin’s orders difficult to obey, but he did so nonetheless.

Levi Ackerman:

Despite their differences in combat style, Mike and Levi made a great team. They made up the Survey Corps’ strongest team.

Mike and Hange:

Mike and Hange had a great deal of regard for one another and worked well together under Erwin’s supervision. A laid-back Mike appeared to be having a good time with Hange. He cracked jokes and sniffed individuals in the vicinity.

Squad Mike:

Squad When the Wall Rose invasion occurred, the suspected Survey Corps recruits were placed under the command of Mike. The relationship between Mike and his squad was believed to be close, with Mike serving as both a mentor and a protector.

The Female Titans:

Mike, Hange Zoe, and a few Military Police troops introduce themselves in the military tribunal for Eren Yeager’s trial. Eren can be sniffed a few times in this period, and then he smiles. Having taken Eren to his trial, Mike joins Levi, Erwin, and Hange in observing the proceedings.

An arc from Clash of the Titans:

Mike’s team is assigned to investigate the 104th recruits for any possible ties to the Female Titan while a second effort to capture her takes place in Stohess District. When Mike smells the coming Titans, he dispatches Thomas to alert Erwin that the Titans have emerged inside Wall Rose and then prepares his team to leave immediately. In the face of Nanaba’s despair about the possible breach of Wall Rose.


Return to the Shiganshina story arc:

Erwin Smith sees himself atop a mountain of the dead troops he led to their deaths as he ponders his position as Commander of the Survey Corps in a vision. When Erwin looks at the mountain of corpses in his head, he sees Mike staring back at him from the top. As Erwin Smith laments to Levi Ackerman about the decreasing prospects of his dream during the Battle of Shiganshina, Mike stands behind him.

Archetypes in the War for Paradise:

Mike and the rest of the veterans appear behind Hange Zoe during her talk with Jean Kirstein. Only Mike and Erwin Smith’s eyes seem to be fixed on Hange. Mike comes as an apparition of his fallen friends, who had given their lives to save Eren Yeager, during Levi’s introspection in the wilderness. Mike was shown saluting him after Eren Yeager’s defeat to reward Levi for his many years of service and achievements.

Mike at age:

During his time in the Survey Corps, Reiner acted as an undercover agent. He’s the one in charge of the Armored Titan. August 1st is the date of his birth. Mike aot age is now 21 years old has been an integral part of the Attack on Titan storyline since it began in 2012. Although being a member of Marley’s military and one of the show’s most prominent villains, Reiner had a difficult time dealing with the character he was playing.

Miche or mike aot:

To know miche or mike aot, Action shots of Miche in the act, there were no other Scout Regiment members to assist Miche in defeating many Titans with ODM gear. Only Levi’s combat prowess rivaled that of his. Despite his brief appearance in the series, he was regarded as humanity’s second-best soldier, behind Levi. Although Miche has no control over these factors, he is likely to have a lower success rate versus the villain than Levi.

Nanaba aot:

Nanaba was a quiet soldier, preferring to remain silent unless asked to speak. At first, she was distraught at the possibility of Wall Rose being destroyed, but she soon regained her strength. It was established that Canada aot was extremely loyal and protective of her comrades, risking her own life to protect the trainees she was in charge of and her fellow squadmates without hesitation. As a result of protecting her teammates, she was ultimately killed.

Mike aot death:

At mike aot death, Mike warns her not to lose faith in humanity, telling her that only when the desire to fight is lost can the human race be vanquished. Before he encounters an abnormal Titan, Mike kills five of the Titans. Because of its strange traits and actions, Mike is concerned if their deaths had any significance; Mike, one of many Survey Corps colleagues who perished in Erwin Smith’s thoughts during the Battle of Shiganshina.


Zechariah is the inspiration for his last name, “Zacharias.” Zacharias is a well-known Greek surname. So, Mike maybe Greek or German, depending on where you look. That Mike is older than Erwin has been revealed by Hajime Isayama Mike and Hange is two of Levi’s favorite companions while he’s free. As a result of this peculiar tendency, Hange Zo believed that Zoe’s leadership abilities were unquestionable.


In AOT, who played the role of Mike?

There is a man named Mike Zacharias

Is Captain Levi killed in AOT?

No, Levi doesn’t die at the end of the series. When Zeke unleashed an explosion that sent Levi flying, it was drawn by Hajime Isayama, the mangaka of Attack on Titan.

Who is stronger among Levi and Mike Zacharias?

Mike Zacharias was well-liked and respected as a squad leader among the Survey Corps. After Levi, he was regarded as the second-strongest soldier in the world.

What is mike Zacharias’ height?

Mike Zacharias’ height is 196 centimeters.

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