Everything that you need to know about xel slate.

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 In October 2018, the Google Pixel Slate had poor reception at its release. It was primarily due to Chrome OS’s poor tablet performance. There were some bad reviews for Google’s Pixel Slate due to this. As a result of this, Google decided to discontinue production of the Pixel Slate. The hardware itself was in perfect working order. Using the Chrome OS on the Pixel Slate is an excellent experience. Made by Google’s first tablet and flagship touch-only Chrome OS gadget, the Slate, was unveiled in October of this year. Google’s Pixel Slate has been discontinued in the three countries where it was first released after two years.

Using the Pixel in conjunction with the optional add-ons turns it into a capable Chrome OS tablet that can be used for both work and play. Having a tablet and a laptop in one gadget comes at a high cost. The Pixel is Google’s latest product in the tablet-laptop hybrid market. Its Chrome OS, detachable keyboard and pen, and Android app compatibility make it ideal for productivity & multimedia.

Inches: 12 x 3

It has an aspect ratio of 293 pixels per inch (PPI).

In-Plane Switching (IPS) LCD

76.71% screen-to-body ratio

400 cd/m2 at its brightest

Costs and configuration for the Google Pixel:

The Google Pixel is a bargain at $599. You’ll get the Core m3 version of Slate to save money to get the same amount of storage and performance.

The Google Pixel Slate’s ports:

The Pixel comes with two USB Type-C ports. Instead of relying solely on cloud storage, the Pixel Slate may be employed in a modern working environment because it allows external storage.


The Pixel Slate’s design is similar to those of previous Google products. Pixel Slate’s anodized aluminium body is encased in a sleek midnight blue coating. You’re out of luck—nothing on the Pixel Slate’s back but the Google G logo and the rear-facing camera. The Pixel Slate’s metal body is well-built, and at 1.6 pounds, it’s neither too heavy nor too light. The tablet has rounded corners, curved sides, and curved edge glass.


The Pixel is the same as Google’s last tablet-laptop hybrid, the Pixelbook, but it has a significantly higher resolution in terms of screen size and aspect ratio. The LCD screen of the Pixel Slate is razor-sharp. To compete with Apple’s Retina display, Google uses the term “Molecular Display” to describe the screen. The screen, despite the marketing jargon, is fantastic. As both a tablet and a laptop, the 12.3-inch display is a good size.

Pixel slate keyboard:

To maximize productivity on a Pixel Slate, you need to buy a separate keyboard. The Pixel Slate Keyboard costs $199, but it’s a well-designed accessory that does more than adding a keyboard to your tablet. Besides being a keyboard, the Pixel Slate Keyboard serves as a protective case for your tablet. The exterior has a smooth, non-slip surface with a gripping finish that’s easy to grab onto. Because the pill powers it, you won’t have to worry about keeping the keyboard charged.

Pencil for Pixelbook:

The Pixelbook Pen is another accessory that can be purchased for the Pixel Slate. It cost $99 and is the same as the one sold for the Pixelbook from the previous year. The Pixel Slate is available in the same midnight blue this year to go along with the Pixel Slate. Otherwise, it’s still powered by a single AAAA battery and has the same features as its predecessor. In addition to writing and drawing, the pen may be used as a laser point, a magnifying glass, and a selecting tool on the computer screen.


Both the front and back cameras on the Pixel Slate are 8MP. You can shoot images with it, as you can with most tablet cameras, but don’t expect it to be better than the smartphone camera you carry around with you. Furthermore, you’ll make a fool of yourself in the process. Snapchat and video calls are likely to be the most common uses for these cameras. The Pixel’s camera misses several Pixel 3’s features, but it uses the same machine learning techniques for camera photos.


The Pixel has some impressive hardware, but the software makes the experience truly strong. Using Chrome OS, the Pixel can run all of the Android apps accessible on Google Play. Google has made Pixel Slate’s software more tablet and desktop friendly. Chrome OS transforms into a tablet interface when used with the Pixel. All of your apps will appear on the desktop and a multitasking button in the lower right corner.

Google pixel slate price:

It was initially priced at $799, $999, and $1,599, respectively, but those prices have been reduced. Google also throws in a pen and keyboard with any purchase of a Pixel Slate, making the deal even sweeter.


An elegantly slim profile

High-quality metal construction

A clear, vivid screen

Quickness of execution

Dual loudspeakers

A well-thought-out keyboard

It is a fingerprint reader that works quickly.


There isn’t a jack for headphones.

Lack of scalable storage


Using and grading the Pixel is an unpleasant experience. With the keyboard cover, Chrome OS may be used as a Windows or Mac, with Android apps filling in the software gaps for most fundamental tasks. Low-end devices’ shoddy processing power, keyboard costs, a lacklustre tablet mode and problematic Play Store integration make for a frustrating user experience.


Is the Google slate no longer available?

To put the story of Google’s self-pugilation in perspective, the Pixel, Google’s flagship tablet, has been discontinued.

What is the problem with Pixel?

In terms of software, Nathan found the Chrome OS and Android apps combination clunky and “a letdown at every turn” on the Pixel.

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